The Ascend Story

Gary Wilbers, Certified High Performance Coach and Business CoachYou may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.

Early on in my career of entrepreneurship, I was trying to grow my business without any help. I had just started expanding into new markets that were very challenging and took up all of my free time—and then some! This left very little time for my family. Because it's hard for small businesses like mine who didn’t have big bucks or a PR agency behind them - things were really tight financially as well, which only added to the stress. I was still feeling stuck on what direction would take my business forward the quickest route, without causing me to neglect my wife and children.

Rather than continuing down this path of overworking myself into burnout while missing out on family activities I was going to have to find a way. It became clear: Marriages and businesses take work so you have to give both aspects the focus and devotion they deserve. I started searching for answers on how I could accomplish this. I found the solution in a mastermind group.

The group I joined introduced me to many other successful business owners who had the same desires as mine: To improve their lives, grow their businesses and make an impact on others. My learning experience in this mastermind helped me provide real solutions for my challenges and opportunities. It allowed me to grow and I started to gain the freedom of time I had imagined when I started my own business. Now, I was unstoppable!

So you want to be free of the stress and hassle that comes with running your own company? Well now is a great time because I've created an exclusive mastermind for entrepreneurs just like yourself. You'll have support from other successful business owners who are also scaling their businesses, which means there will always be someone nearby when something goes wrong or ideas pop into your head - allowing us all to grow together!

For the past 30 years, I have been helping small business owners make small changes that make huge impacts on their businesses and personal lives. I'm living my dream of growing the Ascend Mastermind to help business owners so they never have to worry about struggling to scale their businesses alone ever again. That's why I'm sharing this story with you so you can experience scaling your business’ profits while gaining the freedom of time with your family that you desired when you became a business owner too!

Ascend Business Masterminds are designed by men, for men... with six whole-life domains at the heart of what we do: health, relationships, professional, financial, spiritual, and learning. Together, we are making the necessary changes needed to have fulfillment and success, but balanced in the process.

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