Being Productive is a Choice!

Many of us struggle with being productive. We have the choice on how to become more productive in our lives. I have a few steps to show you how your too can be more productive in your life. If you follow these few key step, you will be on your way to much greater things in life. 

Being Productive is a Choice!


Productive GoldfishIn a recent study by Microsoft they found the humans have an attention span of 8 seconds versus a gold fish at 9 seconds!  Did I just hear that correctly?  A gold fish has a longer attention span than humans!  


The challenge we all have today is a struggle with productivity issues.  My personal challenge with productivity is wasting time on unimportant items that really don’t matter.  


I had to realize I am attracted to the term shiny object syndrome, so I must create strategies that help make me more productive.  


I have realized I am the type of person that needs to create a Weekly Plan and then each day create a Daily Dashboard of my most important projects.  


Just like today to write this video blog, I had to make it one of my top projects for the day to complete.  I also set an exact time on my schedule to complete this project.  


We all have to find the best ways to create a structure that will make us most successful.  My realization came when I realized, if I did not create my plan for the day. My lack of focus and attention would be drawn to the shiny object.  


As I started studying High Performance I realized Secret #3 of the world’s highest performing achievers and that is the ability to Master your Focus, which is Mastering your Mind to be able to get the things accomplished that I wanted to complete.


Productivity is all about what my mission is today?  What do I need to do today?  Then ask, what am I looking forward to?  What must I accomplish today to progress myself toward my goals, dreams and ambitions.  


I want you to realize your daily habits and discipline create focus and direction.  When we remove the distractions, we allow ourselves to succeed.  


Productive ChecklistWhat distractions do you need to remove to be more productive?  Here are some suggestions:  

  1.  Set up to only check email 3 times per day.  

  2.  Check your Social Media only 2 times per day.  

  3.  Turn off all beeps and buzzes on your email, phone, social media feeds.  

  4.  Set up 2 to 4 Peak Productivity times each day to complete your major projects for a 50 minute time frame.  

Then reward yourself with a 10 minute rest and recovery time.  

  1.  Create a Weekly Plan

  2.  Create a Daily Dashboard each day.  These six strategies when implemented will help you Master your Focus.


The key thing to remember is creating disciplines and habits will create High Performance in our daily lives.  


In my Coaching sessions with business owners they tell me all the time they don’t have time?  


My answer is always the same.  “You don’t have time because you fail to master your mind to focus on what is truly important.”  Being productive is a choice just like being unproductive?  Which will you choose today?


If you are looking to take your life to the next level of high performance, go to  Fill out the strategy session and I will provide you a one hour FREE coaching to help you get started on your journey.


As I close today my challenge to you is to give of yourself freely, love openly and make a difference in the world.

Make it a GREAT day! 

-Gary Wilbers