Do you have an onboarding process for your new employees?

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Do you have an onboarding process for your new employees?

If I told you by having a structured Onboarding process you could improve your year-over-year revenue by 60%.  Would you be willing to read the rest of this article?  This is why your company needs to make new employees feel welcome and valued.

New employees with good onboarding experience are 18x more committed to their employer and 69% stick with the company for at least three years.  What is your onboarding experience like? Today, I am going to share with you 9 ways to successfully onboard new employees. 

Why is onboarding important?

Onboarding, when done correctly, gives your new hire a sense of belonging which directly impacts their loyalty. Onboarding statistics reveal that working with a committed and engaged employee helps your company succeed. A negative or poor onboarding experience, on the other hand, may lead to employee disengagement. This will result in greater recruitment costs, decreased productivity, tiring out of your active employees, and a drop in overall revenue. Think about ways your company can make new employees feel welcomed and valued.  When I was in the wireless industry I used to spend 4 hours with each new onboarding class to share with them what I felt was the secret to our company’s success.  This time commitment was hard at times, but I know it paid off by creating engagement and committed employees to our business.

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9 Ways to successfully onboard

1. Company Culture

A company culture is one of the most important aspects of successful recruitment. From day one, employees should be given a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s culture and values. 

2. Prepare Coworkers

Prepare coworkers for the new recruit. Before the arrival of the new employee, send out an announcement to all workers in person or via email. 

3. Set Them Up for Success

The new employee’s workstation should be ready to go. Having a “home base” prepared for your new hire is critical to creating a favorable first impression. Nothing is worse than coming in on the first day without the tools you need to succeed. Setting up the computer, email address, and phone numbers for the new employee ahead of time will help set them up for success. 

4. Make Introductions

Make appointments for the new employee to meet with important individuals and departments on their first day. Although they may not recall everyone’s name, this will give them an idea of where to go to get what they require. These introductions will also assist them in comprehending how your company functions as well as how their position fits into the larger picture.

5. Schedule a Team Lunch

Arrange a lunch meeting for the new employee and their team members during the first couple of days. This will help break the ice and allow the employee to get acquainted with their new coworkers in a casual atmosphere.

6. Implement a Training Program

A training program should be in place when you hire a new employee. Company rules, procedures, and requirements should all be covered during your training. On-the-job training is also recommended.

7. Create a New Employee Onboarding Checklist

As a manager, you can create an onboarding checklist to guide new employees through the process of learning about what will be expected of them in their new role. A simple list that includes details such as when they are required to arrive for work each day and break times.

8. Assign a Mentor 

Assigning a mentor from the employee’s department might also assist them in adjusting to their work by providing them with a person who is able to answer their questions and walk them through some of their responsibilities. 

9. Follow Up & Adjust

The most crucial and frequently neglected step by employers is this one. Make a commitment to meet with the new employee at least once every 30, 60, and 90 days. Even if you feel the new person is thriving and that they don’t require an evaluation, sit down with them. This is your chance to learn more about your company’s onboarding. 

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