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Eddie Mulholland is 61 years young. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and had not gone further than New Jersey until he was 18. He loved playing soccer and running, but was advised by the soccer coach to run cross country because he was pretty good at running. Eddie received a running scholarship to Marymount College of Kansas, and there he received two degrees: one in elementary education and another in physical education. In college, he met his best friend, and wife, Annie Vanderfeltz who was from Jefferson City, Missouri. Everyone knows the statement: “A son is a son until he meets a wife, and a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life.” Eddie moved to Jefferson City with her because she was living close to home. He has had over twenty years of coaching and teaching science. 

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Show Notes:

  • Eddie Mulholland is from Brooklyn, New York.
  • He had never traveled farther than New Jersey until he was 19 and moved to Salina, Kansas.
  • He is currently the principal and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) at St. Martin grade school in St. Martins, Missouri.
  • Once during a competitive time trial to be on his school’s traveling cross-country team, he saw twenty-five cows and told his team to look at the giant dogs. Several guys started to laugh hysterically and Eddie was able to win the time trial as a freshman.
  • Eddie met his best friend Annie in college, and they have four wonderful kids.
  • She gives gifts of love, care, and service to everyone she knows.
  • Eddie moved to Jefferson City, Missouri with Annie after they graduated from college.
  • Her father was Leon Vanderfeltz.
    • He got Eddie up at 3 o’clock in the morning.
    • The whole family was involved on the dairy farm.
  • His first job was at St. Stanislaus School in Wardsville.
  • Eddie and Annie had four children.
  • He started to officiate for sporting events all over the country to help pay for his children’s education.
  • A few habits that have led Eddie to success in his life are:
    • You give your best to others as you give to yourself.
    • Nothing less than your best.
    • Give your credit to God.
      • After coming home from a long day, Eddie would kneel by his bed and pray to God.
  • You have to give your all and really think about what you do.
  • Eddie makes a distinction between a teacher and an educator.
  • A teacher does lessons, works from bell to bell, and that’s all.
  • An educator inspires. They use energy to spark a fire.
  • The first education begins at home.
  • Eddie always tries his best because he feels he must inspire.
  • His best friend is his library card.
  • He calls his students disciples because they share the word of God and disciples love, care, and serve.
  • Driving factors that help continue success once you have started having it include being able to hear and listen to whomever you are working with.
    • Make an administrative team to help.
  • Eddie got to know the student council and asked them what they needed to do to be the best school. His students came up with thirteen ways. They came up with ideas such as:
    • Lining up to pay respects for funerals since the school is near the church.
    • Having a prayer garden where students can relax and have a quiet space. (The kids helped build it.)
    • Building a handicap ramp to the playground (Over 40 parents showed up to help build it.)
  • St. Martin’s school growth is up significantly.
  • They wanted a technology room and had twenty people there. Sixteen people helped make the school a Google school.
  • Eddie befriended a guy during a sports match who later donated 100+ computers to St. Martins.
  • Another thing Eddie has started is welcoming students with a smile every day.
    • Volunteers open car doors, open school doors, and welcome students in the gym with activities every morning.
    • They’ll also check to make sure students are happy and ready to face the day.
  • Some of Eddie’s strategies for success include:
    • Starting individually – meet with every member of your team one on one at first.
    • Be accommodating – figure out what they like and want to do so that they’re at ease.
    • Ask your team members what they like and what suggestions they would offer. Do NOT ask them what they dislike.
    • After you’ve talked to everyone individually, pull them all together to talk as a group.
  • In order to have growth, you must take ownership.
  • It’s all about listening and starting a plan.
  • St. Martins has asked 5th graders to start band this year because music is an important and influential learning tool.
  • They also started a buddy system where older grades will read to younger grades.
  • Educators have to build relationships with families and students.
  • Having open connections and a comfortable environment are good ways of inviting parents to help and participate because they don’t want to step on things if they don’t feel welcome.
  • Every family has a strength and something they can bring to the community.
  • When you love doing something, you have to share that.
  • Eddie’s favorite quotes are:
    • “Get a checkup from the neck up.”
    • “You get the best out of others when you give the best out of yourself.”
    • “Nothing less than your best.”
    • “Believe and you can achieve.”

Eddie Mulholland’s Recharge Round

  1. Share with us how you believe your mindset affects your life. I feel it’s a great day. Giving my best day. Try to go in every classroom every day. Disciples need to know I care. Have to love them and can show that by serving them.
  2. What do you do daily to bring Energy into your life? I read the minute prayer every day. Say I got it. Give a purpose. Every night before leaving school I have goals for the next day.
  3. Share the number one connection that has made the biggest impact on your life. Energy. With Christ you can do everything. If you know your goal, with Christ you can succeed.
  4. What advice has Influenced you the most in your life? When you have a situation, take a deep breath. Think the whole situation through. Write things down before responding. Have to know the whole story.
  5. Recommend a book and share why you love it. The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy   Positive Culture Wins, In Business & Life
  6. Define in one sentence or less, what legacy you want to leave on the world.  I would like to see people love as much as they can. Keep serving and using your talents till the end. I want to be known as a person of care.



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