Ep: 051 Bob Dusin (Part 1)

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Bob Dusin

Bob Dusin was raised on a wheat farm in Western Kansas. He has always been driven by the idea of getting a little better every day. Bob was introduced to the high performance workplace philosophy over a decade ago and was immediately drawn to the positive change it brings to the work environment. Facilitating High Performance Workplace Leadership workshops brings together many of Bob’s unique talents, passions, and his life’s work. He describes the workshops as transcendent because of the powerful impact it continues to have on him personally and the lives of the participants. Bob’s vision is that leaders at all levels have the opportunity to experience and apply the common sense approach of HPWP.
Bob has decades of experience in the construction industry and earned his degree in silver engineering from Kansas University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Rockhurst University. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer (LPE), a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and a member of the National Speakers Association.
Bob enjoys performing in improv shows and acting on TV and radio commercials when he’s not spending time with his wife Beth and their two sons Nick and Matt.

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Show Notes:

  • Bob has a habit of asking other people what they think and also asks them about themselves. He seldom talks about himself.
  • He also observes people, especially successful people, to see what they’re doing to succeed.
  • When you ask others questions, it’s really important to listen to what they say.
  • The High Performance Workplace is a model made up of 8 elements to create a better workplace.
    • The formula is simple but it can be hard to turn into action.
  • 1) Positive Assumptions about People
    • It’s about more than just positive thoughts. It’s about looking at people and saying this is what I believe people are capable of.
    • Theory X and Theory Y
      • First, Theory X states that people don’t want to try hard and don’t care. Traditional leaderships often acts in this manner.
      • Whereas Theory Y states that people do want to try hard and participate in the workplace.
    • If leaders assume that employees can and want to do something, they will do it.
  • 2) Identify and Eliminate the Negatives in the Workplace
    • A negative is anything that minimizes someone’s feeling of value that they bring to the company.
    • For example, having storage cabinets and rooms locked up shows an expectation that leadership has about employees.
    • Likewise, time clocks assume people aren’t going to responsibly enter their correct time.
  • 3) Creating an Environment of Mutual Trust and Respect
    • This point connects to eliminating negatives.
    • Open communication is essential.
    • The other 7 elements all feed into creating Mutual Trust and Respect.
  • 4) Communication
    • Communication has to be open, two way, and adult communication.
    • Open means that there are no secrets. Employees should be given all the information about the company unless it’s confidential.
    • Adult to adult communication means both sides respect each other and speak to each other as peers.
      • Opposed to adult to child communication which involves one side talking down, demanding people, etc.
    • Discipline policies are not desired.
    • Use High Performance Coaching where you ask the individual what’s going on and how you can help them out.
  • Leadership isn’t coercive. It’s about setting the employees free.



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