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The time has come again to do a recap. With the second quarter of 2020 just wrapping up we are going to do a season recap on the tenth season. It’s hard to believe that we have already done over 125 podcasts!

Each guest that we have had on the podcast has taught us something different. Below are just a few of the highlights from our tenth season of podcasts.

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Show Notes:

  • Ep: 116 Jonathan Slain
    • In podcast 116, Johnathan Slain gives tips and tricks for making it through a recession based on what he learned in 2008.
  • Ep: 117 John Jantsch
    • John Jantsch’s time and experience in marketing have given him valuable information that he shares on the CHARGE podcast.
  •  Ep: 118 Jeff Schechter
    • In episode 118, Shecky shares his entrepreneurial habits and secrets with Gary.
  • Ep: 119 Jack Randall
    • Jack’s mission and passion is to help people discover, understand, and pursue God’s unique calling for them and their individual role as leaders.
  • Ep: 120 John O’Leary
    • John O’Leary once again joins the CHARGE Podcast to share his wisdom and talk about his new book, In Awe.
  • Ep: 121 Megan Dyer
    • As a digital marketer, social media & brand strategist, and sales trainer Megan Dyer had a lot to share with listeners of the CHARGE podcast in episode 121.
  • Ep: 122 Nathan Akpan
    • The student has become the teacher in episode 122 with Nathan Akpan.
  • Ep: 123 Chris Chura
    • Consulting with Chris Chura.  In episode 123, CHARGE podcast members learn a lot about consulting and entrepreneurship.
  • Ep: 124 Tom Morris
    • Tom Moriss teaches listeners about his lessons from coaching athletes at Indiana University.
  • Ep: 125 Roderic Yapp
    • In episode 125, Roderic Yapp shares his 6 foundations that will help show CHARGE podcasters how to be successful.
  • Ep: 126 Earl Cobb
    • Leadership is your advantage in episode 126 with Earl Cobb.
  • Ep: 127 Vikram Rajan
    • Vikram Rajan shares tips on how to use videos to create endless possibilities for your business.
  • Ep: 128 Mike Bonventre
    • Mike’s time as an undercover cop, a consultant, and more have given him a wealth of knowledge that he gives listeners in the CHARGE podcast.

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