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The time has come again to do a recap. With the third quarter of 2020 just wrapping up we are going to do a season recap on the eleventh season. It’s hard to believe that we have done almost 3 years of podcasting!

Each guest that we have had on the podcast has taught us something different. Below are just a few of the highlights from our eleventh season of podcasts.

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Show Notes:

  • Ep: 130 Wilhelmina Springmeyer
    • Wilhelmina Springmeyer starts off our eleventh season of podcasts relaying her experience in digital marketing and what tricks she has learned from her experience with podcast listeners.
  • Ep: 131 Jeff Mains
    • In episode 131, Jeff Mains shares his future proof strategic framework for business leaders to help create a more successful and driven business.
  • Ep: 132 Michele Molitor
    • Michele combines her passion for coaching with her passion for transformational therapy to help remedy underlying beliefs that limit entrepreneurs.
  • Ep: 133 Mitchell Earl
    • In episode 133, Mitchell Earl shared about his startup bootcamp and job training program that helps people find out what they can do that they love.
  • Ep: 134 Larry Linthacum
    • Dr. Larry Linthacum has learned much from his time in education and by challenging the status quo keeps an improvement mindset to make schooling more effective and enjoyable.
  • Ep: 135 Grant Aldrich
    • Grant Aldrich knows that college is expensive and not easily accessible for many Americans, and so he founded OnlineDegree.com to help people obtain a quality education at low costs.
  • Ep: 136 Stephen Minnis
    • President Stephen Minnis’s passion at Benedictine University has created a unique and powerful culture. He shares his experience in the education system in this episode of the CHARGE podcast.
  • Ep: 137 Tim Tinnin
    • Tim Tinnin’s passion project, The Red Slipper Warrior Project, brings empowerment to women and girls fighting cancer.  He shares how this experience has impacted him in episode 137.
  • Ep: 138 Rick Fessler
    • Rick Fessler shares how his years of experience of putting people over profits has perhaps counterintuitively won him greater profits than focusing first on the profits.
  • Ep: 139 Jennifer Longmore
    • In episode 139, Jennifer Longmore shares five reasons why people limit themselves from living their true purpose, and she helps push back on how we can overcome these beliefs.
  • Ep: 140 Jason Collin
    • Jason Collin’s work with high-performance teams in private, public, and non-profit sectors has given him a plethora of information which he shares with CHARGERS in this episode.

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