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Joel GoldbergA native of suburban Philadelphia and Chicago, Joel Goldberg has been a member of the Kansas City Royals television broadcast since 2008, serving as the host of every pregame and postgame show on FOX Sports Kansas City.

The University of Wisconsin graduate won a 2001 Mid-America Emmy for sports reporting and has covered multiple championship teams in Major League Baseball and the National Football League.

Joel built a 25-year career developing and maintaining strong relationships with professional athletes, coaches, and team management and he now shares those stories and strategies with companies and associations live on stage and these days virtually. He’s hosted a weekly podcast called Rounding The Bases the last two years and added a daily live video podcast when the pandemic started focusing on leadership during these times.

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Show Notes:

  • Joel has always had a love and passion for sports.
  • At age 7 or 8, he had a dream of being on TV.
  • Don’t give up. Live your dream.
  • Nothing generally comes easy.
    • It does take work.
    • It does take time.
    • It does take connections.
  • You have control over changing yourself.
  • Get noticed by getting to the front of the line.
  • There has to be buy-in from everyone at the top and bottom that their roles matter in order to create harmony.
  • If you don’t value the lesser roles, people won’t try as hard.
  • Everyone can be a leader.
  • Everyone has their strengths.
  • Talent doesn’t always create a winning team.
  • If “-way” comes after the name of a team, that team has a culture and an identity.
  • You have to maintain culture.
    • It can’t be built overnight.
  • It is important to have a trust factor.
  • In some form or another, we’re all on live TV at times.
    • Zoom calls have taught us to be adaptable in meetings.
    • Nothing ever goes exactly as planned.
  • The show goes on.
  • Stop memorizing every little detail.

Joel Goldberg’s Recharge Round

  1. What habit do you think has lead to success in your life? Joel’s two biggest habits are treating everyone well and finding one thing to accomplish every day. He says it’s important to think “I did something successful” when you lay down at night.
  2. What’s the simple positive action that you take each day to move forward to achieve your goals? He makes at least one meaningful connection or conversation each day.
  3. What’s your biggest life lesson and what have you learned from it? Don’t create fake stories in your head.


Check out Joel’s website at joelgoldbergmedia.com or listen to his podcast, Rounding the Bases with Joel Goldberg!

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