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Brad Connors

Brad Connors, President, has been advising individuals, corporations, and institutional investors since 1994. Brad has built his practice, iWealth, in Waseca & Bloomington Minnesota. Brad affiliated with Investment Centers of America, Inc. in 1998 and was consistently in the top 5% of his peers, including 2010 ICA Representative of the Year.  In 2014, Brad was honored with the distinguished Community Service Award at ICA’s Regional Conference.  The award was presented to Brad based on his support and commitment to his local community through a variety of initiatives including charitable giving, youth outreach, community education, and involvement.  He has been on the forefront of helping other advisors grow their practice and teaching them what they should be working toward to have a profitable and enjoyable business. 

Brad authored his first book, Fish Don’t Clap: Planning For A Purposeful Retirement in 2014.  His reasoning behind writing the book was to “give away the information for everyone to have more purpose going into retirement.”  

His book, which has attained many 5 Star reviews on Amazon, shines a light on the 20 plus years of experience Brad has working with clients to define what they genuinely want their retirement to look like.  For Brad, creating a fulfilling retirement for his clients is about more than figures – it involves taking a family’s whole life into account, from values to goals and everything in between.

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Show Notes:

  • Brad’s strong family atmosphere supported him while growing up.
  • He helps people make smart decisions with their money.
  • Sometimes you know you need to find someone else to help.
    • How do you find a good person?
    • Ask the people around you who they trust, but then interview them yourself to see if they are a right fit.
  • The biggest financial sin Brad sees is people not catching up with their own debt.
  • Retiring can be difficult.
    • You have to get your mind around that next phase and what it looks like.
    • Plan together.
  • Ask your financial advisor how they get paid.
    • Study their response and make sure they have a compatible value system to yours.
  • Be purposeful with your money.
  • Sit down and get a second opinion.
  • You have to create a budget.
    • Get an accountability partner.
  • It’s easy to get out of the market, but it’s harder to get back into it.
  • The four most dangerous words are:
    • It’s different this time.
  • Brad suggests:
    1. getting a budget.
    2. looking at your goals then funding them.
    3. looking at your insurance, and insure things that you can’t afford to replace.

Brad Connors’ Recharge Round

  1. What habit do you think has lead to success in your life? Brad has a routine. He gets up at 5 AM, has a coffee, does his daily devotion, and works out.
  2. What’s the simple positive action that you take each day to move forward to achieve your goals? In the morning he types 3 to 5 things that he’s grateful for every day. In the evening, he has a planner that he writes reflections in.
  3. What’s your biggest life lesson and what have you learned from it? The truth will set you free. John 8:32


Check out Brad’s website at iWealth4me.com or iWealthPCG.com!

Brad’s book: Fish Don’t Clap

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