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Ep: 174 Aaron Walker

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Aaron WalkerAaron Walker has founded more than a dozen companies over the past 42 years and has appeared on more than 2000 podcast interviews. He attributes much of his success to having surrounded himself with his mastermind counterparts. Aaron spent a decade meeting weekly with Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Ken Abraham, and 5 other amazing entrepreneurs. Aaron is the founder of Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind that now hosts 20 groups with National and International members. Aaron is the author of View From The Top, a must-read to fully understand how to live a life of success and significance. Also, the founder of The Mastermind Playbook an incredible resource for starting, running and scaling masterminds. Aaron lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Robin of 40 years and he has 2 incredible daughters and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

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Show Notes:

  • You may never get an opportunity like this.
  • Aaron’s keys to creating success:
    1. Relationships matter most. Focus on the person.
      • Stop trying to make the sale and add the value.
    2. You have to make it amazing.
      • It doesn’t have to be the best, but make it the most amazing.
      • You need to do everything with excellence.
    3. No excuses.
      • Just get it done.
    4. Everything is figure-out-able.
    5. Truth before opinion
      • Establish the bedrock by which you want to build your business.
  • Aaron and his wife are servants toward each other.
  • He works like it depends on him and he trusts like it depends on the Lord.
  • Position yourself around people with similar core values.
  • Everything is subjective if you don’t have a foundation of truth.
  • We only have one perspective.
    • We have blindspots.
    • It is important to have other people that you trust to help you.
  • Isolation is the enemy to excellence.
  • Who can I be vulnerable and honest with?
  • You have to do it for yourself.

Aaron Walker’s Recharge Round

  1. What habit do you think has lead to success in your life? He is consistent and spends the first hour to two hours of his day in meditation, scripture reflection, and praise and worship.
  2. What’s the simple positive action that you take each day to move forward to achieve your goals? Aaron focuses on the tasks to accomplish his goal/ He knows the five key areas of life and what he needs to do to move life forward every day.
  3. What’s your biggest life lesson and what have you learned from it? Live every day like it’s your last and focus on the things that matter.

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