Ep: 193 Season 15 Recap


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Business Coach and Motivational Speaker's Charge Podcast with Gary Wilbers

The time has come again to do a recap. With the third quarter of 2021 just wrapping up we are going to do a season recap on the fifteenth season. It’s hard to believe that we are close to 200 episodes!

Each guest that we have had on the podcast has taught us something different. Below are just a few of the highlights from our fifteenth season of podcasts.

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Show Notes:

Ep: 181 Vincent Moiso

  • As a entrepreneur, coach, author, and speaker, Vincent Moiso has a lot of knowledge to share with CHARGE podcast listeners in episode 181.

Ep: 182 Sarah Baker Andrus

  • Sarah has worked on all sides of the hiring equation, as a recruiter, hiring manager, and a career counselor, serving in the corporate world, non-profits, and academia meaning that episode 182 is packed with insight.

Ep: 183 Jake Jacobs

  • Jake has worked in 61 industries from which his experiences led him to publish Leverage Change:  8 Ways to Achieve Faster, Easier, Better Results which he shares with guests in this podcast.

Ep: 184 Jessica Yarbrough

  • Jessica has quickly developed a reputation of being one of the best business strategists and marketing and sales consultants for entrepreneurs who want to sell high value products and services. In episode 184 she shares what she has learned with CHARGE podcast listeners.

Ep: 185 Rick Boxx

  • In episode 185, Rick talks about his experience creating a vibrant network of Biblically principled small business leaders and his radio broadcast called “Integrity Moments” that reaches 2 millions leaders.

Ep: 186 Josh Varner

  • Josh teaches CHARGE listeners about the effects of trauma and his experience working with kids in schools in episode 186 of the CHARGE podcast.

Ep: 187 Dr. Ruth Mary Allen

  • Ruth helps business leaders who have lost connection with their best self win back time doing what they love with those they love by unchaining their pain, unlocking the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance and optimizing their unique brain to unleash their full potential.  She shares this with listeners in episode 187.

Ep: 188 Richard Cross

  • In episode 1988, Richard shares about his experience as an Empowerment and Transformational Speaker, Educator, and Author of 17 books including Going Beyond Limitations as well as his work uplifting young Black men.

Ep: 189 Michael Zipursky

  • Michael Zipursky is the CEO of Consulting Success® where they specialize in helping entrepreneurial consultants grow profitable, scalable and strategic consulting businesses.  He shares his consulting knowledge with listeners in episode 189.

Ep: 190 John Stanley

  • John Stanley shares his generosity game plan and how to give effectively with CHARGE podcast listeners in episode 190.

Ep: 191 Angela Demaree

  • Dr. Angela Demaree is the CEO and Principal Consultant for PAWS Consulting, a public health and political consulting firm, and she shares her experience running for political office with listeners in episode 191 of the CHARGE podcast.

Ep: 192 Bill Woolsey

  • Bill is the President and Founder of FiveTwo, a network that equips faith-based leaders and entrepreneurs to launch a variety of sustainable startups and nonprofits.  He shares his faith based approach in this episode of the podcast.  

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