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Joe Pomeroy

Joe Pomeroy learned the hard way that helping lead an 8 figure business means nothing if your family is walking out the door. So he spent years studying family relationships and discovered a secret that would change his family forever. Now, his 3D Family Framework has become the new way business-minded men are becoming expert husbands and world-class dads.

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Show Notes:

  • Family is the core unit of society.
  • Joe didn’t realize that who he was at work was not who he was at home until his wife almost left him.
    • He didn’t invest in himself at home.
  • What am I missing?
  • If you lead your business right, you can see that in your family.
  • The best businesses are based on relationships.
  • Entrepreneurs put a lot of effort into their jobs.
  • You can’t treat your customers poorly and succeed.
  • Joe sees himself as a provider.
    • You get to decide what that means for you.
    • Your definition isn’t defined by your parents, influencers, pastors, how you were raised, or anything.
  • Joe thinks of himself as the provider of all things spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally for his family.
  • Choose your own definition. It can change as you grow.
  • Challenges are there even before you see them.
    • There are different levels of challenges.
    • Now is the time to address a challenge.
  • We can’t start doing surface level things until we lay the foundation.
    • You must focus on your foundation.
    • Start by creating your own definition.
    • Track things. They become your values.
  • Get immediate relief by asking better questions.
    • Start by pausing.
    • What’s a better question?

Joe Pomeroy’s Recharge Round

  1. What habit do you think has lead to success in your life? Joe’s biggest habit is learning to ask better questions.
  2. What’s the simple positive action that you take each day to move forward to achieve your goals? He asks himself, “How can I better focus on my why?” Everyday Joe and his family shares something specific that they were grateful for that day.
  3. What’s your biggest life lesson and what have you learned from it? Joe wanted an angel to come from the sky and tell him that he was doing everything right, but he learned he doesn’t have to have that pivotal moment. It’s okay not to have one massive, heaven opening, life-changing moment. You can have many for them and see how they keep you on the right path.

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Joe’s website forwardwithjoe.com and find free materials at forwardwithjoe.com/charge




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