Ep: 216 Dr. Kelly Henry

Dr. Kelly Henry

For 20 years award-winning chiropractor Dr. Kelly Henry helped his patients live healthier lives.

With a constant focus on providing exceptional customer service, Dr. Henry grew his clinics into one of the top producing chiropractic offices in the nation with multiple locations and doctors. 

Since 2018, Dr. Henry has used his system to coach business leaders on how to significantly and rapidly increase profits and growth in their companies. 

He’s also the author of “Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service”.  A success manual with proven strategies on how to maximize growth and profits.

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Introducing Dr. Kelly Henry

  1. What three questions are you going to answer for us today?
    1. He will help us understand why customer service is so important now and in the future.
    2. What is a huge common misunderstanding that most businesses have regarding their customer service?
    3. What are some key actions a business owner can implement immediately that will have a tremendous impact on improving their customer service?

Show Notes:

  • Businesses have to understand that customer service is either going to enhance or detract from everything they do in their business.
  • A hole in customer service can really impact our business.
  • The biggest piece of great customer service is examining how your employees are treated?
    • You can’t treat your employees badly then expect them to treat customers with respect.
  • A study found that 80% of businesses said they provide great customer service but customers said only 8% of the same businesses actually provide great customer service.
  • It doesn’t matter what you think. It’s all about what your customers think.
  • Most businesses recognize the pieces that they do well on, but then they don’t see the holes in the other parts of their customer service.
  • 3 simple actions to improving your customer service:
    1. Step up your friendliness.
      • Customer service starts, progresses, and ends with being friendly.
    2. Be fast.
      • You have to be convenient and speed things up for your client.
    3. Fix problems.
      • When you fix a problem to a customer’s satisfaction, that customer will have a higher loyalty to your business.
  • Go above and beyond. You have the flexibility.
  • Do the simple things, consistently.

Dr. Kelly Henry’s Recharge Round

  1. What habit do you think has led to success in your life? Dr. Kelly Henry is an avid reader. Learners are earners
  2. If you had one do-over, what would it be? He would have gotten a mentor and hired someone who could help him change the tide sooner.

Connect with Dr. Kelly Henry:

Dr. Kelly Henry’s website: drkelsbusinessacademy.com

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