CHARGE in Business and Life Podcast with Gary Wilbers: Episode #219 Success In Hiring

Ep: 219 Success in Hiring

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Gary’s 5 steps to Success in Hiring

Step 1: Recruiting

  • Employers are having trouble finding quality, top-notch employees, and the labor market is going to stay tight. 
  • Gary noticed that his problem came when he started hiring people to fill a spot instead of filling a spot by hiring the right person.
  • Employers should recruit online.
    • It is important to think like the talent you want to attract.
    • What are unique ways you can recruit new people?
  • Share job postings on your personal pages, your business pages, and your employee’s pages to reach more people.
  • When recruiting, have your current employees do referrals.

Step 2: Interviewing

  • Be a better interviewer when interviewing potential new hires.
  • Ask about competencies and skills, do not hire based on emotions.
    • Use behavior-based interview questions.
  • Have an automated system in place and send an email reply when someone applies to your job postings.
  • In your applications and interviews, ask for three references to attest to your applicant’s skills.
  • Doing phone interviews and fewer interviews can help free up your time so that interviews do not take up so many resources.

Step 3: Hiring

  • When we hire on skill over emotion, we get better results.
  • Bad hires cost businesses time and money.
  • Gary’s Success in Hiring program can help develop your hiring filter in which an average is found between your ideal candidate and your worst candidate. This helps you determine if the candidate you are interviewing meets your parameters.

Step 4: Onboarding

  • If you don’t have a good onboarding process, your new hire will start looking for a new job.
  • Create engagement and make sure your employees are present.
  • Gary suggests 9 ways to successfully onboard:
    1. Have a positive and strong culture.
    2. Prepare co-workers for the new hire.
    3. Set new hires up for success.
    4. Have HR take the new hire around the office and introduce them to everyone.
    5. Take your new hire to lunch.
    6. Have an employee onboarding checklist.
    7. Assign your new hire a mentor.
    8. Follow up with your new hire and adjust frequently.
    9. Have your new hire give you feedback.

Step 5: Coaching

  • Do your managers manage or do they lead?
  • Leadership roles affect employees’ engagement.
  • You have to build trust but also create accountability.

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