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Joseph Wilkins

Joseph Wilkins founded ProCreative a marketing agency focused on infomercials, TV commercials, and online video. Previous clients include Google, Linkedin, and McDonalds.

With two decades of experience, hundreds of millions of online views, and over $50 MILLION in tracked sales, Joseph enjoys sharing his simple 8-step process any business can copy to drive immediate online sales. 

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Introducing Joseph Wilkins

  1. What problem do you solve?
    • He is going to solve the problem of how to take a customer who knows nothing about his business and get them to want to learn more in three minutes or less.
  2. What three problems do you solve?
    1. How do I grab the customers’ attention?
    2. What kind of companies are a good fit for what kinds of videos?
    3. He will list the 8 steps that he takes every project through.

Show Notes:

  • Humor gets results.
  • Companies that have humans as their targets get results.
    • Humor has to be relevant and has to be targeted at the right audience.
  • People go onto social media platforms to be entertained so that will resonate with them better.
    • TV types ads won’t work on social media.

Joseph’s 8 Steps to Funny Sales Videos

  • Step 1 – Research
    • You’ve got to do your research before doing anything.
      • It’s the foundation.
    • The first step of research is learning about the consumer and the first thing you need to do is to listen to your customer.
      • Read 100 customer reviews about your product. 
      • What are the most common reasons that people like and buy your product?
    • Don’t try to be everything to everyone.
  • Step 2 – Brainstorming
    • Who is the character for this video, and what’s the big problem that we’re going to solve?
    • Don’t worry about getting good ideas.
      • Throw out as many bad ideas as possible.
  • Step 3 – Scripting
    • Bring in a skilled storyteller and writer.
    • Create a story arc where someone starts with a big painful problem that your audience can feel.
    • Then, have them meet someone who presents a solution to their problem.
    • Finally, show how the character’s life has been transformed by implementing that solution.
  • Step 4 – Add Comedy
    • Bring in comedy writers who will add to your existing story and bring it to the next level.
  • Step 5 – Production
    • Everyone has the ability and the equipment to create a video, but you have to know how to use it.
    • When looking for actors, look for who adds to your script.
      • Who keeps your attention?
    • Ask your applicants back for a live addition.
      • How do they react on the spot?
  • Step 6 – Editing
    • Comedy is all about timing.
    • You need a good editor.
    • People stop watching videos because they’re bored or it’s not relevant to them.
      • You have 5 seconds to get someone’s attention. Then you have to get it for another 15 seconds. Then again.
      • You need to interweave your product information with hooks that keep your audience watching.
    • Joseph creates several versions of his videos to meet the needs of certain platforms and situations.
  • Step 7 – Testing
    • What is your retention curve like? Where are people bouncing?
    • Most people bounce when the product is introduced.
  • Step 8 – Forget About Viral
    • It’s not about going viral.
    • It’s not a one-and-done.
      • Keep at it.
    • You have to build this funnel, and then fuel it.

Joseph Wilkins’ Recharge Round

  1. What habit do you think has led to success in your life? Joseph is a creature of habit and has a routine and personal time for himself. He says that he writes down his goals and sticks to them every single day.
  2. If you had one do-over, what would it be? He would have sought advice more and sought a mentorship sooner.

Connect with Joseph:

Joseph’s website:  funnysalesvideos.com



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