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Ep: 239 Bill Ringle

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Introducing Bill Ringle

I’d like to welcome Bill Ringle, a former Apple exec who founded

Bill works with leaders of privately held high-tech companies to work more effectively and serve a larger client base, without the drama, frustration, misunderstandings, chaos, and stress that is often the norm. He has dedicated his professional career to helping overwhelmed managers become admired leaders who can help grow and scale companies. 

Bill is the author of the upcoming book titled, Grow Business Now, and he hosts My Quest for the Best, the podcast for ambitious small business leaders, with more than 400 episodes with top published thought leaders like Dan Pink, Nir Eyal, Doug Conant, Whitney Johnson, John Lee Dumas, and Dorie Clark sharing their stories, strategies, and tools with listeners.

Bill travels from Philadelphia and can be found playing tennis, playing Wordle, or hiking with his border collie when not working

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  1. What problem do you solve?
    • How to make your delegation better whatever your industry or where you are.

Show Notes:

  • People typically like to dump or pass off their least favorite jobs. 
  • Delegation has three aspects that make it effective
    • You are getting more done than you could on your own without spending more time.
    • You are involving others.
    • You are building bench strength throughout the organization.
  • When you hit those 3 marks you are doing the job of someone who can be trusted in the organization.
  • A sign that delegation is not going well is that the manager says they don’t have time to delegate.
    • It’s a sign that they need to teach others.
  • Also, consider where you are adding the most value and where it is not adding value that you do it.
    • If it’s not adding value that you do it, it is a job that you need to delegate.
  • When you don’t share responsibility, you lose access to very talented people.
  • Envision the end result and communicate clearly and precisely what you want to the right people.
  • Give credit so that you get the best results the next time you delegate as well.
  • You have to be able to overcome your “control monster”.
  • Have a review process to make sure the result that you envisioned is accomplished. This allows for feedback without criticism.
  • Your ability to delegate is what managers look at to promote you.
  • Steps to become a better delegator:
    • Plan.
    • Hire people that are different than you with different skills.
    • Know who on your team has which skills.
    • Make lists of things you do best.
    • Know the things you should never be doing.
    • Use a virtual assistant if needed
    • Communicate the status of the work you are doing.

Bill Ringle’s Recharge Round

  1. What habit do you think has led to success in your life? To be prepared. 
  2. If you had one do-over, what would it be? He tries to embrace mistakes as learning opportunities. However, if he were to do things over he would do things sooner. Reach out for help sooner, ask questions sooner. He makes a policy to have his team reach out for help after trying to solve things on their own for 15 minutes.

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Bill’s Podcast: My Quest for the Best with Bill Ringle, the podcast for ambitious small business leaders




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