CHARGE in Business and Life Podcast with Gary Wilbers: Episode #242 with Zack Boothe - Achieving Time & Money Freedom Through Real Estate

Ep: 242 Zack Boothe

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Introducing Zack Boothe

 Zack Boothe is the host of the Driving For Dollars Mastery podcast where he shares his insider secrets to finding massively discounted properties regardless of experience level. Zack went from a successful window cleaner to an even more successful millionaire and real estate investor. With his constantly growing business, he now spends his time helping others see how simple it is to make money with real estate. Zack built a dream real estate business…and he’s ready to show you how you can too.

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  1. What problem do you solve?
    • Show people how to get started in real estate investing even if they don’t have deep pockets.

Show Notes:

  • Zack started young. His dad didn’t allow for excuses. 
  • He quit high school basketball to be an entrepreneur.
  • Zack received a book from a family friend which made him understand that he had to be responsible for his own money. The book is Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Zack had a hunger for something more than what he grew up with.
  • A key is to find deeply discounted properties.
  • One technique is to wholesale properties. 
  • Zack realized people want speed and convenience over price.
  • He also realized successful people want others to succeed as well.
  • Often people will sell for less to avoid the hassles of family drama.
  • Wholesaling is a great way to start because there is less risk.
  • Zack shares his 40-day challenge to show how anyone can succeed.

Zack Boothe’s Recharge Round

  1. What habit do you think has led to success in your life? Always knowing what he’s working towards, he knows his goal. It helps him manage his time and only work on needle-moving activities.
  2. If you had one do-over, what would it be? He carried a self-limiting belief for too long. 

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