CHARGE in Business and Life Podcast with Gary Wilbers: Episode #244 with Dr. Kate DiLeo - Brand Conversations That Convert

Ep: 244 Kate DiLeo

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Introducing Kate DiLeo

Kate DiLeo’s branding approach is rooted in her firm belief that brand is the path of least resistance to revenue. She teaches you how to eliminate complex and ineffective brand storytelling by delivering a simple yet provocative message that tells prospects what you do, how you solve their problem, and how you differ from the competition. The outcome? Brand conversations that convert. Kate is honored to have partnered with more than 200 brands across 20 sectors. She is passionate about helping organizations craft messaging that brings more prospects to the table, more users who click, and more customers who buy. Her book, Muting the Megaphone, Stop Telling Stories and Start Having Conversations, just released in July of 2022.

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  1. What problem do you solve?
    • Kate will help us understand the main components of how to build a brand for your business that enables you to win more work.

Show Notes:

  • You need to realize the power of your brand message.
  • There are actually three key components for that brand in order to get more of the right prospects to the right table at the right time.
    1. You need to have a tagline that clearly articulates what you do.
    2. You need to follow that up with a value proposition statement that is a really big, bold, audacious statement that answers the question: “Here’s how I solve your very specific heart pain.”
    3. Finally, you need differentiator statements. It’s the 2-4 points of how you are different and better than the rest.
  • A very clear tagline breaks open the door for you to start a conversation.
  • Your tagline starts to set up your value proposition. 
  • Your tagline should make someone want to ask you more.
  • There are two things with your brand on the whole that are going to make you seem and feel different.
    • Your approach
    • Your deliverable
  • Your tone of voice or your personality is part of your brand. 
  •  You should ask who you are going after and why. Kate uses a list of psychographics to help her understand who works best with her.
  • The best brands are very surgical and niche in. They are not there for everyone. If you think you can serve everyone you will probably serve no one.
  • For a practical exercise, Kate recommends asking yourself, “If my brand was a person, who would it be?”
  • Kate’s book, Muting the Megaphone, Stop Telling Stories and Start Having Conversations, is a tactical guide on how to go through the process of writing your brand.

Kate DiLeo’s Recharge Round

  1. What habit do you think has led to success in your life? Kate has learned how to say no to the good to say yes to the great.
  2. If you had one do-over, what would it be? She would have gotten off of the hustle wheel faster. Hustle was hard on her health and almost led her to burnout.

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