Small Business Answer Man podcast with Gary Wilbers - Episode 260 with Teryn Mozaffari - Discovering Wans and Making Decisions on Living More Productively

Ep: 260 Teryn Mozaffari

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Discovering Ways and Making Decisions on Living More Productively

Teryn Mozaffari is the owner of Happiness Factory Coaching and a Certified High-Performance Coach.  She considers helping others discover ways and make decisions on how to live more productively her life’s work and finds great joy in helping others improve their performance and live better lives.

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What problem do you solve?

Teryn will help people get a better understanding of what productivity is and why we all want it. Teryn will give us advice on productivity.

Show Notes:

  • Being effective is one of the key components of being productive.
  • The number 1 habit people need to embrace is the habit of beginning again.
    • We are really hard on ourselves and beat ourselves down. We need to get up and begin again.
  • Teryn’s biggest metaphor: It’s like laundry. We are never done with it. We can bemoan it but if we finally accept that the work is never done and get excited about it, we can accomplish more.
  • You need to form a habit of saying “We get to do it.” vs. “We have to do it.”
  • Human nature will always group activities into a have to, a should, or a supposed to.
    • We continue down the road of labeling our activities like this. We can then start to feel resentment.
    • The quicker we can find ownership in things we do and shift them to want to or get to, then we start to flow and we move to gratitude and momentum and satisfaction and fulfillment.
    • Productive people are those that make that shift.
  • 3 mindset skills that are essential to elevate and increase productivity
    • The first is getting better at responding to an uncertainty or unpredictable surprise.
    • Time management. Build a relationship with time. Tell yourself you have enough time to be who you want to be and to get the necessary things done.
    • Begin again!
  • 5 actions to reboot our productivity
    • Develop book-end routines
      • They are what you want them to be.
      • They should be fun.
      • Take time to develop them.
    • Project prioritizing
    • Planning
    • Scheduling
    • Reflecting
  • Download Teryn’s Bookend Routine Builder Worksheet

Teryn Mozaffari’s Best Small Business Tip

Teryn defines the meaning of life as the collection of the meaningful experiences that we can look back on. Her tip is for business owners to elevate every experience you can. To do that will make your life meaningful.

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