Gary Wilbers and the Small Business Answer Man podcast - Episode 264 with Tony Lopes - Creating a Life of Financial Freedom and Abundance

Ep: 264 Tony Lopes

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Creating a Life of Financial Freedom & Abundance

Tony Lopes is an Uber successful Real Estate Investor who retired at 44 and is now helping others achieve a life of freedom and abundance.  He has a new book out called Freedom At Risk – How To Protect Your Personal And Financial Freedoms that shares some of the ways to live your best life.

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What problem do you solve? There is a lot of fear of failure. There’s a fear of starting a business of not making money or being embarrassed.

Show Notes:

  • Tony’s biggest fear was loss of freedom. He did the right things as a young adult. He went to school and got a good education and a good job but then was laid off. It was at that point that he realized that having just one job and relying on that limited his freedom. He then got involved in real estate.
  • If real estate is not your thing, you could start a side hustle.
  • More that one source of income is valuable. Diversify your income!
  • Having cash in the bank is good but if you can invest that cash and it gives you a monthly income, that is even better. Real estate investment is an excellent way to invest and have a source of cash flow.
  • We as humans tell ourselves stories in our minds of how we can fail and we add to them every day. The story becomes large and intimidating over time. We have to stop telling ourselves these stories of how we can’t be successful.
  • Surround yourself with ways to tell yourself positive stories. Find people or podcasts or books that help you find ways to make positive actions.
  • Tony’s fear these days are around political and societal issues. He takes action to insulate himself from the things that concern him. He has residency in two different states. He has multiple income streams. Also hold assets in different areas: precious metals, stocks, real estate.
  • You should also find a hobby that gives you peace and joy. Exercise is also important: a healthy mind goes with a healthy body. Try meditation to help with your fear from all the doom and gloom that surrounds us.
  • Check out Tony’s book: Freedom at Risk: How to Protect Your Personal & Financial Freedoms

Tony Lopes’ Best Small Business Tip: If your fear is leading to procrastination, ask yourself if that procrastination is because you don’t have the right skill set to solve that problem. You can then take the action to find the right people to help you.

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