Gary Wilbers' Small Business Answer Man podcast with Jeremy Miner - Episode #265 - Sales Techniques That Close More Deals

Ep: 265 Jeremy Miner

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Sales Techniques That Close More Deals

During his 17 year sales career, Jeremy was recognized in the direct selling industry as the 45th highest earning producer out of more than 108 million salespeople. Jeremy’s earnings as a commission-only salesperson were in the multiple 7-figures, EVERY year!

Jeremy’s particular brand of sales training pioneers the unique use of behavioral science and human psychology within the sales process.

He is a contributor for INC magazine and has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Entrepreneur magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and a host of other publications on the topic of sales.

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What problem do you solve? Typically companies come to him because they are concerned about losing sales to low price competitors, their worried that their sales people are inconsistent and they are frustrated about losing sales people. He helps with these issues.

Show Notes:

  • If you want to be successful you have to sell.
  • Selling should not be adversarial, it is not you against the prospect. It is collaborative. It is you working with your prospect to find and solve problems they didn’t even know they had. When you do this it helps get them where they want to go. This is a win for your customer as well as you.
  • You need to learn the right questions, the right time and the right tone.
  • Even as the business owner, you are trying to persuade and influence other. It is trying to influence your employees. Sales is in many different professions not just what you typically think of.
  • Sales historically has been thought of as slimy.
  • You need to be aware that your customer already knows a lot about you. Your prospects are no longer going to allow you to pressure or manipulate them. They already know where else they can find the product or what other product they might use.
  • Your tone can elicit the flight or flight response with your prospect. We need to learn how to change our tone and slow down our cadence.
  • According to behavioral science, there are 3 form of persuasion
    • Boiler Room Selling Era: We are least persuasive when we tell, pressure and push.
      • Sales presentations give this impression
      • When you say you are #1 they actually question this and think less of you. If you talk down your competitor they are even less likely to trust you.
      • Don’t tell them your story. They are only interested in their own story.
      • Don’t assume the sale.
    • Consultative selling (You need to ask more questions to determine their needs.)
      • These questions are logical but they elicit logical answers. (Hint: you want their get their emotions involved)
    • Dialogue – When you allow the prospect to persuade themselves.
      • You need to learn the right questions and the right tone.
  • No one is born a natural salesperson. You have to learn it and practice it.

Jeremy Miner’s Best Small Business Tip: Shortcomings in your sales techniques are magnified during a recession. If you learn the right skills you can thrive during economic downturns.

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