Gary Wilbers on the Small Business Answer Man podcast with Brian Moran - Episode 268 - Getting More Done in 12 Weeks Than Most Do in a Year

Ep: 268 Brian Moran

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Getting More Done In 12 Weeks Than Most Do In A Year

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Brian Moran is a New York Times bestselling author, Executive, Entrepreneur and Coach. His background as a corporate executive combined with his experience as an entrepreneur positions him with a unique skill set to help individuals and organizations grow and prosper.  

Brian is a recognized expert in the field of leadership and execution.  His realization that most people don’t lack ideas but struggle with effective implementation led him to the development of the 12 Week Year.  

In addition to his books, Brian has been published in many of the leading business journals and magazines.  He is a sought-after speaker, educating and inspiring thousands each year.  His client list includes Allstate, Century 21, Mass Mutual, Medtronic, Paycor, Prudential, Tiffany, and many, many more.

Brian is married to Judy and has two daughters.  They live in Carefree AZ.

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What problem do you solve? Brian wants to help people accomplish more of what they want in less time. Which means he helps people with the execution dilemma.

Show Notes:

  • All the new processes and plans are nothing without execution.
  • Busy doesn’t always equate to effective. It’s important to focus on the things that get stuff done.
  • Brian’s book, The 12 Week Year, helps people focus on a set time frame. Focusing on the smaller time frame as a year helps create a healthy sense of urgency to get more stuff done.
  • It can be hard to switch to the 12 week year because we are so used to being annualized.
  • Realize you have a limited capacity. Less is more. The more you take on the more chance you have at mediocrity in those areas. Focus on a few areas and it can be life-changing.
  • If you think of 12 weeks as a quarter, your mind tells you that you have 4 chances to get the goal done.
  • When we think of things in an annual frame, we think we have all the time to finish with what we want.
  • Scoring the execution is powerful in that it measures actions and not outcomes. Our daily actions create our future.
  • Measurement helps you determine what is working.
  • The first thing you need to consider is knowing what you want. That is a vision question.
  • The second thing is what matters most. That is a planning question.
  • Also, turn your phone off. You don’t have to have it with you all of the time. Give yourself some margin. Give yourself some deep thought time. Take a breath.

Brian Moran’s Best Small Business Tip: Execute, execute, execute. Learn how to execute and change your world.

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