Small Business Answer Man | Jeremy Lessaris | Ep: 330 | Managing Credit Card Fees through Payment Intermediaries

Ep: 330 Jeremy Lessaris

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Maximizing Profitability: Managing Credit Card Fees through Payment Intermediaries

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Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and former global marketing & communications executive. Over the past two decades, Jeremy has founded and led 8 of his companies to successful exit. Jeremy is currently the Founder & CEO of Payment Brokers, a fintech company, focused on AI-enabled cost reductions.

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What business problem do you solve?

In today’s episode Jeremy Lessaris, founder and CEO of Payment Brokers, shares his goal of putting money back on the table for businesses by addressing transaction costs.

Small Business Answer Man’s Shownotes:

  • Gary introduces Jeremy Lessaris, founder and CEO of Payment Brokers, as the guest for today’s episode. 
  • Jeremy explains the complexity of credit card processing fees and their impact on businesses. 
  • Jeremy describes Payment Brokers as a fintech company focused on AI-enabled cost reductions in credit card processing. 
  • Gary emphasizes the significance of credit card processing fees for small businesses, especially with most transactions being conducted via cards. 
  • Jeremy elaborates on how Payment Brokers’ technology breaks down complex statements to identify potential savings 
  • Jeremy discusses the challenges of negotiating rates with existing providers and the need for advocacy in reducing fees. 
  • Gary highlights the importance of community and mentorship in business success  
  • He invites listeners to visit Payment Brokers’ website for a free analysis of their credit card processing statements. 

Jeremy Lessaris’s Small Business Tip:

Jeremy encourages business owners to seek mentorship, prioritize clarity of purpose, and enjoy the journey of solving business challenges. Invest in mentorship, guidance, and mastermind groups early in your career.

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