Small Business Answer Man | Ep: 332 | Mastering Negotiation and Building Generations of Wealth | Derek Dombeck

Ep: 332 Derek Dombeck

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Mastering Negotiation and Building Generations of Wealth

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As a successful investor, national speaker, and International best-selling author Derek Dombeck has surfed the ups and downs of the market since 2003.

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What business problem do you solve?

In today’s episode Derek Dombeck, an accomplished investor and best-selling author, offers expert advice on creative deal structuring and effective negotiation. His insights empower entrepreneurs to navigate finance intricacies, stack financing strategies, and align business goals with personal visions for enduring success. 

Small Business Answer Man’s Shownotes:

  • Derek emphasizes the importance of creativity in deal structuring, advocating for innovative finance methods over traditional banking routes.
  • Insights shared on effective negotiation techniques, highlighting the significance of understanding communication styles and adapting strategies accordingly.
  • Derek presents a real-life example illustrating the effectiveness of stacking multiple financing strategies to address a homeowner’s problem, showcasing the power of creative deal structuring.
  • Gary and Derek explore various negotiation techniques, emphasizing the importance of rapport-building and establishing upfront agreements for successful discussions.
  • During the podcast, Derek focuses on the importance of having a clear personal and business vision in order to attain both fulfillment and success, particularly in the context of building generational wealth.
  • He encourages listeners to define their vision for life and business, emphasizing alignment between business strategies and personal goals.
  • Gary and Derek conclude by discussing the transformative potential of intentional breaks and business model reassessment in prioritizing personal well-being and long-term success.
  • Derek introduces his own podcast called “The Generations of Wealth” where he helps people create their personal vision and business vision to support their personal life. 
  • The episode highlights the crucial aspect of ensuring that business strategies are in harmony with personal objectives, leading to a more holistic form of success.

Derek Dombeck’s Small Business Tip:

Reflect on your personal and business vision, considering what you want your life to look like and how your business can support those aspirations. Take five to ten minutes each day to contemplate and jot down ideas, focusing on aligning business strategies with personal goals.

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