Small Business Answer Man | Ep: 335 | Stewart Heath | Unlocking Passive Income: The Power of Real Estate Investment

Ep: 335 Stewart Heath

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Unlocking Passive Income: The Power of Real Estate Investment

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Stewart Heath, CPA, is the CEO of Harvard Grace Capital, an extension of Harvard Grace Corporation. Stewart has been a real estate investor for over 20 years focusing on commercial real estate – including retail, self-storage, gymnastics facilities, and medical offices.

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In this episode, Gary welcomes Stewart Heath, CEO of Harvard Grace Capital, to explore strategies for generating passive income and building wealth through real estate investment.

Small Business Answer Man’s Shownotes:

  • Stewart defines passive income as income received without active work, highlighting real estate as a prime source due to its potential for consistent returns and tax advantages.
  • The discussion delves into real estate’s tax benefits, including depreciation, cost segregation studies, bonus depreciation, tax-free refinancing, and tax-free exchanges, offering listeners valuable insights into maximizing returns while minimizing tax liabilities.
  • Stewart emphasizes the stability and cash flow of real estate investments compared to other assets, urging listeners to consider real estate as a cornerstone of long-term wealth building.
  • Insights are provided into the various types of office spaces and their viability post-pandemic, encouraging investors to explore opportunities in suburban offices, medical offices, and specialized buildings as part of a diversified portfolio strategy.
  • Stewart advices on seizing opportunities in the current market conditions, despite higher interest rates, by focusing on long-term value and leveraging professional management for a truly passive income experience.
  • Gary underscores the importance of diversification, tax benefits, and inflation hedging through real estate, directing listeners to Harvard Grace Capital’s resources for further guidance and support in their investment journey.

Stewart Heath’s Small Business Tip:

  1. Consider diversifying income streams through real estate investments.
  2. Educate yourself on the tax benefits and long-term wealth-building potential of real estate.
  3. Focus on long-term value and utilize professional management for a truly passive income experience.
  4. Take advantage of current market conditions and explore opportunities in stable real estate assets.

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