Are High Quality Connections a Lost Art?

The connections that we have in life can ultimately determine how far we will go in life. This is true both personally and professionally. If you make the choice to have high-quality connections, you can achieve significantly more than those without such connections. This will guide you how to connect with those high-quality connections in your life.


Let’s start off this week’s blog by you grabbing a pen and piece of paper.   I want you to write down your top 5 high quality connections personally and professionally on a sheet of paper!


Go ahead write them down!


Handshake When I am Coaching clients and I ask them to do this exercise, I find they have a hard time identifying those top 5 connections.  High-quality connections are used to designate short-term, dynamic and positive interactions.  The foundation for a high-quality connection is based on three areas: cognitive, emotional and behavioral mechanisms which explain how to determine the level of the connection.


We all have a lot of acquaintances and people we know but we want and need those high-quality connections the friends you connect with on social media do not count.  In many studies I read it shows we are less connected with society as a whole today than we were in the past.


So if we want those high quality connections in our personal and professional life what do we do to get them?  We must realize that those who are most meaningful to us need to be our top priority.  That is why we must first identify who they are in our life.  If you have not written down who your top 5 connections are make sure you make your list right now!


I will share with you a three-part plan you can use to connect with those high quality relationships:

  1. Disconnect from technology and use face to face communication whenever possible.
  2. Be present during your conversations.
  3. Don’t multi-task when you are communicating.


ConnectionsEmpathy is the ability to identify and understand another’s situation, feelings and motives.  It is our capacity to recognize the concern of others. Empathy keeps relationships running smoothly as it allows us to create bonds of trust. It also gives insights into what others may be feeling and thinking and helps us understand how or why others are reacting to situations, sharpens our insights and informs our decisions.  The more we use empathy the stronger it becomes.


The true art of connection is being lost, but if you take the time to share your undivided attention with those closest to you, you will never forget it!


My challenge to you is:

Give of yourself freely

Love Openly

Make a difference in the world!


Make it a GREAT day!

-Gary Wilbers

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