How to Eliminate Distractions to Become More Productive

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Do you struggle with constant interruptions and distractions while you are trying to get your most important work completed? The struggle of constant emails, text, social media, and busyness is killing productivity. To become more effective we must find ways to escape these distractions to create a consistent accountability system that will work. Let me share my story and how I found 5 practices that helped me become more productive and more focused on what matters the most.

I am just like you. Before I had a system I felt unorganized and challenged in keeping my daily tasks and my critical projects organized on my computer, phone, and notepad. I knew I needed to find a system that would help me organize my chaos and allow me to be more productive. My challenge was using different systems but not creating a process that would integrate all the different systems. I had my calendar on my phone and computer. I had my goals in a document folder. My tasks were a mixture of a notepad and a to-do list on my computer. Why couldn’t I just find a way to organize this mess? That is when I found the Full Focus planner system that gave me a system to integrate all my processes into a fully focused system that allowed me to create a clearer vision and align my priorities to achieve my most important goals. It is amazing when I started becoming proactive, it allowed me to concentrate on the things that mattered the most.

What I found out when I implemented the Full Focus System is the goal achievement and productivity framework it is embodied in the Full Focus Planner. It’s built to empower five key practices that will change the way you work and live.

The first is goal setting. Simply put, setting better goals takes you in the right direction. When you have goals you’re working toward, you’ll be clear about what matters most and excited about what the future holds. That’s why you’ll learn how to write what we call SMARTER goals.

The second practice is creating constraints. Constraints force creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Perhaps most importantly, they force prioritization. And getting clear about what matters is the key to productivity. That’s why you’ll master tools we call the Quarterly Big 3, the Weekly Big 3,and the Daily Big 3.

The next two practices are reflection and planning. We integrate these two practices because we think our learning from the past should shape our strategies and decisions for the future. The Planner is designed to help you capture lessons simply and shape your future behavior accordingly. We’ve distilled these practices in what we call our Weekly Preview and Quarterly Preview.

The last practice is automation. I’m not talking about machines here. I’m talking about self-automation. Self automation is the key to completing daily tasks and prioritizing self-care—while simplifying your life. Self-automation is about creating habits. And the Planner will teach you how to leverage habits as you create Daily Rituals and an Ideal Week.

If you believe the Full Focus Planner could be the tool you need to bring your business to the next level or restore the balance you crave, I want to coach you through how to get the most out of it. Schedule a time here:

Imagine using the Full Focus Planner System to focus on what matters the most to you, so you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Make it a GREAT day!

Gary Wilbers       

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