Increase Your Sales

Is your Business looking for more Sales?

We all know to have a successful business we need to sell a product or service that the marketplace wants or needs.  The question for many small businesses is how do I increase my sales or increase my sales from my team?

This blog is going to share with you 3 strategies to help you increase your sales.  The three strategies I want to share with you today are:

  1. The Mindset of a Sales Champion
  2. The Sales Process
  3. How to Sell in the New Economy.  

The good and the bad

Let me first by telling you the struggles I have had since I started Ascend Business Strategies in 2015.  I have been successful in multiple businesses I have owned over the years but I realized when I started Coaching, Training and Speaking that I had to learn a new skill set in the area of sales.  My first couple of years I did not actively market myself or my business.  What happen to my sales?  Well, let’s just say they were not very profitable for me.


My change:

Late last year, I made the decision I was going to hire a Sales Coach.  I did some research and followed multiple people but read a book by Eric Lofholm called The System.  The book was a great start on my journey.  I then started following Eric on-line and found out he had a Coaching program I could join.  

When joined the program late last year, I started my process of learning.  I am not where I want to be yet in sales but I can tell you I have increased my sales enough to pay for my Coaching and also help my bottom line. One of the first things I learned from Eric was about the sales mindset and here is a quote of his:

“Sales greatness starts with the mindset you can become great.”  

I talk all the time about mindset so this really hit home because I talk about how mindset will determine our success or failure.  I realized I needed to change my mindset about how I approached sales.

The second area is about your sales process.  I realized I did not really have a process that I followed. Again, in the book Eric talked about creating your Sales Mountain.  

The sales mountain consists of the following components:

  1. Lead Generations
  2. Appointment Setting
  3. Trust & Rapport
  4. Identify Customer Needs
  5. Share the Benefits
  6. Close
  7. Objection Handling
  8. Follow up

A couple of items to make sure that is part of the process is Qualifying & Referrals

The challenge I had I would do part of the process but leave out other parts so I was inconsistent in my efforts, the other challenge I had I really did not follow a plan when I was making a presentation.  I know some sales people cringe when you say the word: Scripted!  I realized the truth that being scripted is what I needed to create consistent results over time.  

Increase salesIf you follow a script or sale mountain you will increase your sales!

The last area is all about selling in the new economy.  The way I wanted to do business was the old traditional way of selling.  I realized I had to market myself differently through social media, email and finding ways to get in front of my potential clients.  

I am still learning in this area but I feel I have made progress to market and promote my products and services better this year in the marketplace.


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My challenge to you is:

Give of yourself freely

Love Openly

Make a difference in the world!


Make it a GREAT day!

-Gary Wilbers

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