How to Increase your ENERGY today!

You are the one that is responsible for the energy you bring into you life and the lives of the people around you. You have the choice to make about how much energy you will bring consequently affecting your entire life. Energy is all about two key areas, exercise and productivity. There are a few key steps that you can implement and as a result you to be more energetic. Are you willing to make the change in your life and create more engird in the lives of the people around you? 


I saw this sign recently and it resonated with me. It said “Please take Responsibility for the Energy you bring into this space!”

Energy is a choice we make daily that impacts our purpose in all aspects of life such as marriage, family, work etc.

Many of us will make the choice to be energetic and productive.  What choice did you make today?

I believe Energy is all about the growth you want in your life in two areas of exercise and productivity.

Exercise for Energy

The first area is all about the exercise you create in your life. I have told the story many times of weight loss back in 2002 that changed my energy and direction in my life.  Now I am coming up on my 15-year anniversary of losing 75 pounds. I know that exercise is the fuel the energizes me.  It allows me to positively tune my body to have a more holistic approach causing me to find ways to better care for myself.

The second area is all about the productivity you create in your life.  According to The Power of Full Engagement book, Energy is the fundamental currency of high performance, not time.  It helps us change how we look at energy and what we have because it changes our performance in each area of our life.  The hours in our days are fixed, but the quantity and quality of available energy is not.  It is our most precious resource.  The more we take responsibility for the energy we bring to the world, the more empowered and productive we become as a result of a few changes.


The question you may be asking is: How can I gain immediate improvements in the energy I generate each day?

The first part is journal the growth you want in this area.  Then decide what choices do I need to start choosing and what attitude will help me make the changes I want?  We must first decide how we will change our energy level and furthermore decide why is it important to us.

So decide right now what is the one action you will start today in the area of exercise to create more energy into your life?  Go ahead, make the choice now!

Our leadership is tested each day by the attitude we show to the changes we want for our life.  We all tend to get excited about starting something new, but it seems the challenge is to complete it.


Life, EnergyThe key I learned to stick with it is to realize what Charles Swindoll said about attitude: “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”  You have the capability to do anything you want in life! If you are willing to create the habits and disciplines, you can make it happen.


My mantra for many years has been: CHARGE: Create Habits Around Real Goals Every day!  Go CHARGE after what you want in life!


My challenge to you is:

Give of yourself freely

Love Openly

Make a difference in the world!


-Gary Wilbers


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