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Ep: 013 Season 1 Recap with Benjamin Struemph

It's hard to believe that we have already had 12 guests on the CHARGE Podcast.…
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Shawn Burcham

Ep: 012 Shawn Burcham

Shawn Burcham is the founder and CEO of PFS Brands. Shawn spent his childhood in…
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Eric Lofholm

Ep: 011 Eric Lofholm

Eric Lofholm is a Master Sales Trainer who has taught his proven sales systems to…
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Carrie Tergin

Ep: 010 Carrie Tergin

Carrie Tergin is the mayor of Jefferson City, lifelong resident of Jefferson City, owner of…
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Sherry Phelan

Ep: 009 Sherry Phelan

Dr. Sherry Phelan is a High Performance Coach. For over 25 years, she has coached…
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Drew Hudgins

Ep: 008 Drew Hudgins

Drew Hudgins loves dogs, recycles, plays several instruments, can't keep his eyes off his wife…
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