Start a New Habit, Today!

Creating a new habit can be a difficult task because many of us are stuck in our ways. I have a few challenges that will result in a great improvement in your overall quality of life. I believe that as a result of following these steps, both your personal and professional life will have a positive impact. Most of all I want to help you figure out what works best for you to make you succeed. 

Start a New Habit

I have a challenge for you today!  Are you up to the challenge?  If you are married go home tonight and tell your spouse you want to change the side of the bed you sleep on?

WOW!  I can hear you from here that you think this might start a war with your spouse!  Or you are saying no way I always sleep on this side of the bed and I am not changing!

That is the challenge with Integration, which means the act or process of integrating.  When we want to implement new habits or disciplines into our life it is hard to make the change necessary.  

The first key is to decide the change we want to implement and then set up a system to implement the new process.

In my book The High Achiever Leadership Formula I talk about when I struggled implementing a new habit of a morning routine.  I decided I wanted to spend time each morning with spiritual time, reading business book and meditating for 30 minutes each day.

I struggled to fully implement this into my daily routine.  There were some successful days but some days I did not make the choice to get out of bed.  I did parts of it but found it difficult to create the habit of completing my plan each day.

Then, I finally declared my intention in a blog post.  That became my accountability because I did not want to say one thing and not be doing it on a regular basis.


Morning Journal HabitThis became what I now call my Morning Magic Routine:

•Rise by 5am every weekday

•Created a specific place in my house

•Spend 30 minutes in spiritual time through reading, reflecting and journaling

•Read 30 minutes of business development books

•Spend 30 minutes meditating and journaling my thoughts each day.

You see, I implemented what Charles Duhigg wrote about in The power of Habit which I call The Habit Loop.  Here is how it works with my


Morning Magic Routine:

-My CUE is the alarm clock going off at 4:50am every weekday morning prodding me to get up, wash my face with cold water, and drinking two glasses of water to energize my brain.

-My ROUTINE is scheduling and completing ninety minutes of reading, reflecting, meditating and journaling each weekday morning.

-The REWARD is the balance of spiritual, social and emotional well-being and it allows me to be grounded in each day on what is important to me.


The hardest part is starting the new habit and integrating it into your daily discipline, since we get stuck in our ways.  

Then allow your inner drive to kick in to accomplish it.  I used this process to help make my routine become a habit and daily discipline.

It took me multiple tries before it became a habit but now it is a regular routine each day. The key is the willingness to integrate and make the choice to start the new habit and discipline, hence creating a new habit.

I believe in you! Start what you have been delaying and create The Habit Loop today!


My challenge to you is:

Give of yourself freely

Love Openly

Make a difference in the world!

Make it a GREAT day!

-Gary Wilbers


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