Steps to a Productive Day

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It’s hard to find time for everything we want and need in life. The problem is only getting worse with the growth of technology in our life.  It is essential that you start thinking about how your day will be planned out before anything else happens.  Planning is the number-one success factor to create successful days and weeks!

Do you know if you take time to plan out your day versus just jumping into your day, you will get more accomplished?  I believe planning is the secret weapon to accomplishing your most important priorities in business and life.  I will share a process with you so you can get started with the steps to create a productive day.

I think our mornings are particularly crucial because they give us the space we need to really determine what is most important in our business and life.  This much-needed alone reflection time in the morning becomes the catalyst that will allow ideas and thoughts to bubble up from deep inside of us giving us both mental and physical energy.

It is hard changing old habits and implementing new habits, and I struggled just like anyone else when starting a new routine. However, I will tell you, if you can get yourself started you will see the benefits of this new activity.  In my book, Positive Culture Wins, I shared my Morning Magic Routine. Here it is for you to decide what is best for you:

  • Rise by 5 am on weekdays
  • 30 minutes of spiritual time (reading, reflecting & journaling)
  • 30 minutes reading (business development books)
  • Review Personal & Company Vision statements
  • Review Personal & Company Mission statements
  • Review Personal & Company Culture statements
  • Practice Positive affirmations
  • Journal for 15 minutes
  • Exercise for 30-45 minutes daily

Please realize this is a list for someone who has been working on a routine for a long time.  The key is to integrate what works for you.  If you have 30 minutes, create a plan that allows you to achieve what is most important in those 30 minutes.  Start small and build your momentum as time goes.

Here is a suggestion I recommend at the beginning of each week: make a “master list” with everything on your to-do list. This includes tasks, projects, and phone calls.  Everything you can think of.  Then, when it comes time for you to decide which items you will focus on during that particular day you already have a list to work from.  

This will keep you from all those pesky thoughts about what needs attention.  You can go to this document and realize what you determined was most important at the beginning of the week.

With this free tool, Steps to a Productive Day, you will be able to get closer to your dreams as you accomplish more of what really matters in your business, personal and spiritual life.

Download the resource now and start making the best of each and every day:

If you are struggling in your business reach out to me. I understand the daily challenges you face when running your business. I have over 30 years of experience running 12 successful businesses. That is why I started the Ascend Mastermind because it is my mission to help business owners succeed in business and life. 

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Thank you and make it a great day!

Gary Wilbers