We must have clarity

There are a few key pillars of High performance that we need to be able to understand and follow. In your life you need to make sure that you have clarity. This means, having a direction on where you want to go. Through these steps, I will help you get to where you want to go in life. 

Where is my life going?


To become a high performer in our life, we must have clarity in our life.  The foundational pillar of High Performance starts with clarity because it’s all about becoming clear about our life and where we are going? 

Do you know your roadmap to your life?


Let me share with you the challenge I had in this area.  In 2012, I sold my business that I had started and grew for the last 22 years.  

I knew when my business sold I wanted to go in the direction of Coaching, Training and Speaking but I allowed other distractions and business interests to interfere with me truly moving towards that goal.  

Then I knew I had to clear myself of those distractions and get clear on my goals if I really wanted to start coaching, training and speaking.  I knew I needed to dedicate my full time efforts to become what I wanted out of life.

Master the mind for clarityLet me share with you Secret #1 of the world’s highest performing achievers, it is Mastering the Mind.  We first must Master the Mind because that is what psychology is all about.  

Are we willing to change our mindset to what we need it to become at that point and time?  Let me ask you a couple of questions?  


Are you living your truth?

What three words define who you are?

What three words define how you should interact with others?

Give that some thought? 

Are you living who you say you are?


There is a difference between clarity and awareness.  Clarity is being clear in your direction.  

It becomes the tactics you use to move forward in your daily life.  Awareness is theory of what you know.  You can be aware of things and not have clarity.  

It’s hard to be fully engaged in life, if we’re unaware.  Let me share my three words with you that defines who I am as a person:  Present, Energized and Joy.  

I want to be present in my relationships, be energized about what I am doing in life to get up out of the bed each morning to make a difference and I want to share joy with all those I come in contact with each day.

My three words to define how I interact with others are to Give, Love and Make a Difference.  

These words mean if I am willing to give without the expectation to receive, love openly to those I meet and find ways to help make a difference in my interactions with others.  

That is my goal when I am interacting with others.  As you notice at the end of each video I produce, I challenge you to go out a Give of yourself, love openly each day and make a difference in the world.  

I share that each time because I know, if we help others, it helps us become who we want to be in life!

Mastering your mind becomes key to creating high performance daily in our life.  Let’s look at an example from a professional athlete because they not only have to master their physiology but they also learn to master their mind to become the best and to continue to be the best in their sport.  

Fotball ClarityOne athlete that epitomized this is Jerry Rice the wide receiver of the San Francisco 49ers.  

I read a article on how Jerry was dedicated to the effort he put in every year.  His training regimen made most rookies puke.  He excelled in clarity to be the BEST!  

We now know why Jerry Rice is in the Football Hall of Fame.


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As I close today my challenge to you is to give of yourself freely,

love openly

and make a difference in the world.


Make it a GREAT day!

-Gary Wilbers