Why Time, Not Money, Is Our Greatest Resource

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The problem is not that we only have 24 hours in a day, but how productive we are in those 24 hours. Why does it seem some people get more accomplished in those 24 hours than others?

Time management is about more than managing our time. It’s about setting priorities and taking charge. It means changing habits and behaviors that cause us to waste time.

I attended a Franklin Covey training around 1994 called Focus. This course was all about how to manage our time and priorities.  This same issue is still a challenge today and maybe even more so because we have so many distractions like email, social media, and the internet.  We must find a system that will work for us to concentrate on what matters the most, or we will find distractions that will not allow us to accomplish the goals and dreams we desire.

The Leadership Time Solution is a powerful way to focus your time, energy, creativity, and productivity to create better results and behaviors. It frees you up to spend more time being an influential leader for your business and life. 

Over the years of my leadership journey, I developed a way to maximize my time because it is the most valuable resource we have.  As leaders, the way we spend our time determines the success we will have in business and life.  Let me share my process to help you solve your time management issues.

The Leadership Time Solution breaks your activities into what we call the PRO System(™). It breaks your activities into three distinct categories: Peak Productivity Time, Recovery Time, and Office Time.

Let’s discuss how you can create strategies through this system to improve your productivity and work-life balance.

P is for Peak Productivity Time. It is most valuable because this focused time generates income. This could be working with clients, determining sales strategy, improving systems and processes, or making calls to clients. Your Peak Productivity Time is all about how you bring revenue into your organization. Ask yourself, ‘What are the top three activities or projects I need to accomplish this week to help advance my business goals?’ Think not only about relationship-building activities but also about creating new products, programs, or services that will help increase the business your clients do with your company.

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We suggest you schedule Peak Productivity Time in 60 to 90-minute segments making this the highest priority on your calendar each day. Schedule and block your calendar for Peak Productivity Time to best protect this session. Explain to staff why Peak Productivity Time is so important to you and the organization. If you make Peak Productivity Time a priority, you’ll experience increased productivity and a surge in momentum, leading to greater creativity and results in less time.

R is for Recovery Time. It makes you identify when you are going to have free time and builds a support system into your planning. In fact, we strongly believe that it is necessary for periods of high achievement. Recovery Time allows you to come back with a new perspective and better sense of direction. You will also find that you are more creative and full of fresh ideas and innovations. You will quickly find solutions to issues or problems that help you lead your team in more efficient ways. The Recovery Time becomes a “must” versus a “should”. The longer you go without Recovery Time, the more susceptible you will be to ‘The Daily Grind’ making it more difficult to handle your everyday tasks.  Find ways to disconnect each evening from your phone and computer.  On weekends, make sure to spend time away from your electronic gadgets.

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O is for Office Time. It allows you to prepare for your Peak Productivity Time. To create the best use of Office Time, you must schedule and block this time just like you do Peak Productivity Time and Recovery Time. Office Time is for taking care of “stuff” and messes that are normal to any business. It’s when you get to delegate your work, go through emails and correspondence, and clean up the “stuff” that piled up during a day or week.  I suggest setting at least two to three times each day for Office time tasks.

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To help you get started, I am sharing a complete download on how to implement this system.  Remember, if you don’t manage your time someone else will.  My goal is to help business owners reclaim their time so they can move from stagnant to growth.  Click here to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15HSZnoMTtuTxMbZ8JjfK1sNEtsRdDHDH/view?usp=sharing

My purpose is to help business owners succeed in business and life.  If you find value in this article, please share it with your business associates because time is your most valuable resource.

Make it a GREAT day!

Gary Wilbers

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