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I work with individuals & organizations that want to cultivate a positive culture that wins to enhance people & performance to increase profits.

Success Stories

  • “I think it’s important that if someone is helping you grow your business that they know what it’s like to be in the trenches. Gary ran businesses and owned successful businesses and has proven that he can make money in the business world in whatever he chooses to go into. He’s been where you are.”

    Joe Newberry
    Veterans United
  • “Gary’s very big on positive focus, helping us to acknowledge our challenges, our victories, and keep us looking forward. He’s very focused on positivity and setting those goals, writing them down and making sure that we reach them. One of the goals that I set early in the year was to take a month-long vacation this summer with my family. I wrote it down back in January because of things that we kept our eye on, we were able to do that.”

    Jeff DeLong
    Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery
  • “Gary immediately puts you at ease and allows you to trust him and his judgment. Gary puts things in perspective asking you to dial in and give a three-year forecast and strategy of where you want your company to go. He helped me in setting goals of raising gross profits, gross sales, and lowering our total cost of goods.”

    Mike Southard
  • “Gary presented a motivational speech to a group of young loan officers from Veterans United Home Loans. The feedback and positivity we received was incredible, with employees saying they wish the speech would have been longer. We look forward to having Gary back in the near future!”

    Tiana Pagliai
    Veteran United Home Loans
  • “Gary’s energy and passion for living an intention-filled, goal-driven life is infectious. His strategies and charisma will make you wish you had given yourself the gift of a few hours to reboot, and re-CHARGE with him years ago!”

    Andy Stuckenschneider
  • “I especially enjoyed the way he was able to integrate all of the important parts of life; professional life, family life, your faith and how they all come together to work as one Positive Influence for not only yourself but all of the lives that you touch every single day.”

    Debra Walker
  • “We scheduled our team to come together to do the extended DISC series for half a day. There’s been some tension in the office and we walked out of that realizing that we’re all very different but we’re all very valued and how we can communicate better with each other. We have improved as a leadership team. It was amazing because it helped everyone on our team understand each other.”

    Stephanie Johnson
  • “Your High Achievers Leadership Training provided the tools for me to attack my day in a methodical, strategic way in order to navigate the challenges which go hand in hand with a fast- paced workplace. As I have slowly implemented the strategies you shared, I am gaining on a better work life balance and hopefully becoming the leader I want to be for our community and that I serve!”

    Ann Bax
  • “Every organization has leaders and followers and you have those individuals that want to be leaders. Ascend brings those characteristics out of the followers and help enhance the leaders that you currently have. Gary’s training is a great follow through for your natural leaders and it’s a great education for those you want to bring further on. I gained quite a bit personally from the training. Just the small things that Gary brings to your attention and the characteristics of good leaders and managers. It has benefited our team greatly and has put things into perspective.”

    John Wheeler

We’ve made it extremely simple. Using our Positive Culture Roadmap there are four easy steps:

Discovery Inquiry

Blueprint Analysis

Strategic Solutions

Follow Up Gameplan


Weekly Mentorship Lessons For Living A Positive Life
Short term wins are easy, but creating sustained habits take daily discipline. Listen to the CHARGE Podcast to give your life meaning & success!