Positive Coaching = Positive Results

Coaching- the easiest way to learn how to affect culture without going through the school of hard knocks

Gary is a Certified High Performance Coach and Business Coach that has helped small business owners increase profits and create a positive culture through his coaching techniques.  Why do you need a business coach? 5 Reasons you need a business coach.

Changing the culture in any environment is a difficult task. A negative culture can create low morale and lack of engagement with decreased performance while leaving you stressed, worried, and stuck under a ceiling of complexity. 

It’s simply wrong for this to continue one more quarter when you have such a powerful tool at your disposal! 

The truth is every business, regardless of the size, can have the same problem changing or morphing into the dominant powerhouse they long to be. A personal coaching program, customized to fit your needs, can help you bring a positive culture to your people; improving performance and increasing profits.

After adjusting and fine tuning culture for over twenty-five years through multiple businesses I am the recognized expert in the field of creating a Positive Culture that Wins.


We’ve made it extremely simple. Using our Positive Culture Roadmap there are four easy steps:

Discovery Inquiry

Blueprint Analysis

Strategic Solutions

Follow Up Gameplan

You will find out that getting started now is easier than you ever thought it could be! You aren’t alone in this anymore, so you can stop feeling that way. Get your Positive Culture Roadmap started TODAY!

Business Coaching

Business coaching guides you in developing long term strategies for challenges that you and your business face. As a veteran business owner with over twenty-five years of experience I can help you take on those challenges starting with our four step process. After we have started the four easy steps to the Positive Culture Roadmap you will be more confident in navigating your people to a positive culture that leads to greater productivity, and higher profits. That is a promise we never break.

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High Performance Coaching

Through high performance coaching, you will be able to look introspectively to discover the things that trap you and bar you from reaching your next achievement. I will guide you towards heightened and sustained levels of Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence in this in-depth, immersive program. This well established program will be able to unlock and set free all of those previously self imposed limitations. You will be able to take this information along with you through life as you experience achievement after achievement. 

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The Ascend Mastermind

Imagine your business growing without you being stuck in the day-to-day operations. Imagine your next family vacation and you’re fully present. Imagine having the freedom and flexibility you desired when you became a business owner.

It’s time to move from your imagined future and turn it into your reality. You can have it all, profitable business, impactful relationships, and family time.

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