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About Coaching

You have skills, and knowledge. You know the rules of the game that you play in. You also know having another person that knows the game can help you see your errors. A coach will point out your strengths, and build on them. That is the only way to win. Maybe you wonder what is a coach worth? What’s the cost of not living up to your own potential? We just can’t help ourselves we already started coaching.

Business Coaching

Decisions all the time. Pressure, and stress over every aspect of your business. These things stand in your way taking up your productive mind. Using thoughts that should be saved for something that could bring in revenue. A friendly competitor slides you a card for a business coach then explains how he felt the same way a year earlier. “Call this guy, he says with a giant smile. I rest easier now. Im prioritized, profitable, at peace, and I’m working toward my goals. You know though you don’t have too he can coach me on how to add your clients to my business. ” Smiles slyly, and walks away.”

High Performance Coaching

Im speaking directly to you. Is your personal, and professional performance at your highest potential? Please be honest. There is nothing wrong with using a coach to get to the level you want to be. Professional athletes wouldn’t know how to compete without a good coach. We both know it’s just one, or two things holding you back isn’t it? With some push, accountability, and goals you will find yourself walking to that next level instead of pushing the boulder up the hill alone.

Executive Network of Small Business Mastermind Group

The ENSB Mastermind Group is made up of local business owners, presidents, CEOs, managing partners and senior level executives who meet once every month to challenge each other, brainstorm, set goals, strategize, share success milestones, solve problems, and achieve powerful success.

Confidentiality and commitment are required and membership can only be obtained by invitation, through referrals or by a selection process which starts with an application for membership.

Success Stories