Gary Wilbers' Small Business Answer Man podcast Episode 267 with Joe Ardeeser - Helping Businesses Build Better Proposals

Ep: 267 Joe Ardeeser

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Helping Businesses Build Better Proposals

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Joe Ardeeser is a former digital agency owner of 12 years, one he built from just himself to a team of 12. He then took his passion for sales and proposal writing and created Smart Pricing Table, an interactive proposal software.

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What problem do you solve? How to build better proposals.

Show Notes:

  • Joe started a digital agency and realized that he really had a passion for proposal writing.
  • One big challenge is that proposal writing takes a lot of time. You are excited at first and then you realize you don’t really know what to write. Sometimes you spend a few hours on writing the perfect proposal and then your potential client ghosts you.
  • Sometimes we don’t know what we are selling. “If there is a mist in the pulpit, there is a fog in the congregation.”
  • If you don’t define your service well, you aren’t going to charge enough.
  • The vague vortex: If you are vague you often lose. You must define at least a minimum level of the service you are offering so that the client is clear and you aren’t sucked into more than you planned.
  • Joe has 5 C’s to better proposals:
    • Capitalize with technology.
    • Catalogue your offering.
    • Cater to your customer. Give them options.
    • Confer with your customer. Ask for a proposal meeting. This gives you an opportunity to explain and engage with them. (HAMBAM – Have a meeting. Book a meeting)
    • Continuously improve
  • If you find proposal writing boring, you may not be going about it the right way.

Joe Ardeeser’s Best Small Business Tip: Join a mastermind or other group. Invest in yourself.

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