Small Business Answer Man podcast with Gary Wilbers - episode 270 featuring Natasha Harris - Developing Your Employee Retention Strategy

Ep: 270 Natasha Harris

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Developing Your Employee Retention Strategy

Natasha Harris is an experienced accounting & tax professional. She knows how vital navigating finances and taxes are and has invested her career in helping families and small business owners navigate personal & business financial decisions so they can grow into all they’ve dreamed.

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What problem do you solve? Employee retention issues.

Show Notes:

  • Natasha has recently published a book. It’s almost a tax strategy bible. It’s packed with 200 years of experience and advice. Natasha’s area of expertise in the book is the retirement planning and succession planning chapter.
  • It’s important to maximize your tax strategy as a small business owner so that the business is more than a job.
  • Some of the times that brought the biggest challenges in Natasha’s life were when she’d lose a job. She had to take time to think about who she was, what her strengths were and what she had to offer the world.
  • Her experiences have led her to consider the employee side of things and consider what resources they might need.
  • The only way to make money is to get systems in place and to develop your people. You won’t make profits without people.
  • One of the best investments Natasha made was in herself. She sat down and asked herself some tough questions. She then knocked out some of her limiting beliefs.
  • Execution is key to any plan and it makes all the difference.

Natasha Harris’s Best Small Business Tip:

Just dare to be different and be authentically you. Be brave and change the world!

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