Small business Answer Man podcast with Gary Wilbers - Episode 271 Marisa Lee Naismith - The Danger Of Being Seduced By Your Business

Ep: 271 Marisa Lee Naismith

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The Danger Of Being Seduced By Your Business

Doctor Marisa Lee Naismith has had a highly successful career within the performing arts industry as an award-winning vocalist, voice teacher, researcher, author, music industry mentor and hosts her own popular podcast A Voice and Beyond. A few years ago, she found herself in a love triangle as her husband of thirty years was slowly being seduced by his business and she had to navigate the road to redemption beyond this love triangle.

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What problem do you solve? Solving the problem of how to successfully manage your relationship with your business so that your personal relationship isn’t damaged

Show Notes:

  • You need to watch for signs that your business is seducing you.
    • Initially, there begins to be a breakdown in communication.
    • Conversations start to become one-sided and distant.
    • Mood swings may cause fights.
    • Also, changes in personality or priorities may happen.
    • The business may start to give you a sense of power and elevated value. It then gives the business owner the feeling that they are above their spouse.
    • The business owner becomes distant and spending more time away.
    • They may start to miss family events.
    • A lack of intimacies happens.
    • The business owner begins gaslighting.
    • Finally betrayals begin.
      • Secrets begin.
      • Financial decisions happen without communication.
  • A business “affair” is hard because the spouse feels there is no way to win.
  • The spouse questions themselves and they feel isolated.
  • Marisa started to get help for herself and empower herself. She established boundaries and stepped away from being treated poorly.
  • You need to determine if you still want to redeem your relationship and you have to decide what your boundaries are.
  • The business owner may need therapy to help determine their priorities.
    • It may help you determine if your self worth is coming from the wrong place and it can help with regulating emotions.
    • It can help bring your communication with your spouse back to where it needs to be.
  • Start dating again so that you can have fun together again.
  • A five-minute timeout is helpful to help reset.
  • It’s important to communication goals.

Marisa Lee Naismith’s Best Small Business Tip:

Always try to maintain balance between your work and personal life to maintain long, healthy and sustainable personal relationships.

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