Small Business Answer Man Podcast with Gary Wilbers - Episode 273 with guest Liz Chism - Creating Systems to Give You Freedom of Time

Ep: 273 Liz Chism

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Creating Systems to Give You Freedom Of Time

Liz Chism is an experienced Business Operations Coach.  Her entrepreneurial journey began when she founded and operated an award-winning craft brewery with her husband. Currently, she helps small businesses organize and streamline their business operations.

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What problem do you solve? Business owners often complain about lack of time, and the best way to combat this is to create processes. Liz can show you how to create these in 10 extra minutes a day.

Show Notes:

  • Liz started with the operations mindset and organization as a child of a large family. It gave her a start in organizing.
  • She also put her strengths to use in her and her husband’s brewery business. They realized they needed to put SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in place to get their business to run well without putting in excessive hours.
  • Liz and her husband’s business thrived and they were able to be away from it without worries while they were gone.
  • The challenge is that most business owners are visionaries but they don’t enjoy or excel at putting systems and processes in place.
  • It is easier to get a system in place when you start with the end in mind.
  • It’s important, when you are building an SOP, that you consider what the end result is every step of the way.
  • There are 2 parts to documenting your SOPs
    • Make them easy to access and use and post them everywhere
    • Have a discussion within your document. Liz uses Google Docs so that it is easy to track the evolution of the SOP. You can also track the history comments.
  • The business owner needs to remove themselves as the bottleneck.
    • Delegate and create leaders.
    • It’s also a mindset issue. The business owner needs to learn to lead and let go of their ego.
  • One of the biggest things to start with is the curiosity game. Consider how things would go if you put change in place. Use curiosity instead of judgment.

How to put a process in place in 10 minutes.

  • Use 10 minutes every day.
    • Put the 10 minutes on your calendar and then remove all of your distractions
    • Make sure your employees are working on this too.
    • Decide on Monday what one simple process you will work on and what your end vision and goal is for this process. If it is successful, what will happen and what will it look like?
    • On Tuesday, write down all the tools, programs, and software related to this particular process.
    • Wednesday you will write a bird’s eye view or a summary of the process.
    • On Thursday, you add any necessary detail. You expand on what you wrote on Wednesday, and you may want to add videos or other details.
    • On Friday you add feedback. You will set a test date of the process and fix any issues.

Liz Chism’s Best Small Business Tip:

Really home in on the 80/20 rule. What is the 20% you do that gets you the 80% of your results? Focus on that.

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