Small Business Answer Man Podcast with Gary Wilbers - Episode 283 featuring Chris Masiello - Transforming Change from Threat to Opportunity

Ep: 283 Chris Masiello

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Transforming Change From Threat to Opportunity

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Chris Masiello has built a successful, nearly forty-year career, spanning a variety of nationally recognized businesses in the real estate and financial services sectors, accounting for over two billion in annual sales. He continues to lead a portfolio of successful companies.

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What problem do you solve? 

How to become more adaptable and how to take our hesitancy from paralysis to action.

Show Notes:

  • We come by our aversion to change naturally.
  • So, we come by the aversion naturally. What do we do about it? We need to be mindful that the threat is a perception but not an actual physical threat.
  • No matter where you go, there you are. Look for opportunity first and threat second, not the other way around and you will find opportunity.
  • When change is going on become really curious. It is hard to be in judgment and curiosity at the same time.
  • If I label something as bad, I pass judgment that there is no opportunity. If I label it as interesting and decide to be curious, I can take a step back and see it from a wider or multiple dimensions and look for the opportunities.
  • We’ve only got to where we are through change.
  • When we resist change we meet fate. When we embrace change we achieve a destiny.
  • It’s important to slow down and become more aware of your thoughts.
  • Try to position yourself so that you are more aware of your surroundings.
  • Chris’s book is Change Short and Simple. It is a workbook and is packed with strategy.

Chris Masiello’s Best Small Business Tip:

Be curious! Understand that as change is happening we need to align our priorities with our vision.

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