Small Business Answer Man Podcast with Gary Wilbers - Episode 293 featuring Ron Story Jr. - How to Make Sales Pitches that Work

Ep: 293 Ron Story Jr

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How to Make Sales Pitches That Work

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Ron Story Jr. was born and raised in East St, Louis, IL.  He started his first business as a kid, collecting and recycling aluminum cans so that he could buy the toys he wanted.  That drive to solve a problem in order to get the things that he wants continues today, just on a larger scale.

Ron’s mission is to help people become financially independent without sacrificing everything to do it.  ‍

Many of the mistakes that entrepreneurs make, he’s already made.  Ron’s businesses try to solve the two biggest problems that he believes most entrepreneurs have when getting started.  Those problems are related to lead generation and closing deals.  That’s what he’s spent his life doing, from age 21 to 34 as a financial advisor and the last 10 years as a consultant to software companies as he’s traveled around the world.‍

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What problem do you solve? 

Ron’s superpower is cold outreach. He is going to show us how to do that without experiencing any of the rejection that come with it.

Show Notes:

  • The first thing Ron did was to change his mindset about outreach.
  • Realizing that all marketing starts as outbound can help relieve some of the pressure and alleviate feeling like a greasy salesman
  • Automation can help you.
  • Don’t start and stop your automation.
  • You can dial in and target your audience better than ever before because of the data available.
  • This helps you get the right message in front of the right person at the right time.
  • For those that say email is dead — Don’t let your emotions get involved. Let the data determine if you should use email.
  • 2 Things you need
    • Look for email sales software: Woodpecker, MailShake,, Outplay, Breakcold (Not Mailchimp which does email blasts)
    • Get your data source that is valid
    • Then write your emails to send
  • Ron will reach out to 500 people for you to show you how his method works. Go to

Ron Story Jr.’s Best Small Business Tip:

No one has ever died because of cold outreach. So just get started and try. Don’t attach the outcome to your personal ego.

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