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Overcoming Distraction and Building Mental Toughness

Trevor Rosenthal is passionate about personal growth and learning new things. He recently completed a Crossover Into Business program at Harvard Business School, where he gained insights and skills on how to leverage his sports background in other domains. He is also a board member of the Baseball Assistance Team, a nonprofit organization that provides financial and medical assistance to former baseball players and their families. Trevor’s mission is to make a positive impact not only on the baseball field but also in his sphere of influence. He is always looking for new opportunities to share his stories of overcoming adversity, building self-confidence, and the role sports have played in shaping him into the person he is today.

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What problem do you solve? 

Today, Trevor will help us overcome difficulties in a world full of distractions, both positive and negative.

Show Notes:

  • Trevor begins with talking about his unique perspective as a professional athlete and his journey into business by sharing insights into his career as a Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • He highlights the importance of the intense daily dedication, discipline, and preparation required for success in professional sports.
  • He further talks about the challenges and obstacles he encountered during his career from minor league to major league. 
  • Trevor emphasized the crucial role of supportive parents and the importance of creating a loving home enviornment for aspiring athletes. He advised parents to offer opportunities and resources without imposing undue expectations.
  • Trevor share his experiences in managing the mental aspects of being a professional athlete including skills like resilience, focus, stress management and goal setting.
  • He further talk about how it is crucial to focus and deal with one thing at a time.
  • His keen interest in business led him to pursue education at Harvard, underlining the significance of lifelong learning, regardless of one’s career choice.
  • He talks about the connection between business and sports, both being united by discipline, focus, and quick decision-making.
  • He discusses the importance of steering clear of distractions and staying committed to what works best for your business.
  • Furthermore, he discusses the significance of striking a balance between personal and professional life.

Trevor Rosenthal’s Best Small Business Tip:

As a business owner, it is vital to stay committed to the tasks at hand, valuing the effort you put in, rather than being solely focused on the end result. 

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