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Ep: 307 Andy Hite

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Tackling Business Blindspots

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Andy Hite is a recognized leadership coach who supports  entrepreneurs, executives, and their teams as they navigate the world of building businesses and lives filled with prosperity, meaning, & freedom.

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What business problem do you solve?

In today’s episode, Andy delves into the often overlooked factor in business challenges: the owner or leadership team.

Small Business Answer Man Shownotes:

  • Andy emphasizes that the key to overcoming business challenges lies within the leadership team and that the success or failure of a business is profoundly influenced by effective leadership.
  • He stresses the importance of business owners being hungry for growth and continually recognizing untapped potential.
  • He highlights the significance of a proactive mindset in fostering business development.
  • Andy defines success as a combination of psychology and skill, emphasizing the need for a broader perspective.
  • He talks about the analogy of an archer needing a clear bullseye, correlating it to the importance of goals in propelling a business forward.
  • He discusses the role of ambitious goals in energizing and motivating business leaders.
  • Andy stresses the need for a holistic reflection at the end of the year, learning from challenges, and implementing changes for growth.
  • Andy outlines practical steps for business owners, including reflection sessions, monthly progress check-ins, and seeking coaching.
  • Andy offers valuable resources on his website, including an entrepreneurial fitness assessment and a leadership assessment.
  • Listeners can access a complimentary 60-90 minute coaching session to explore the possibilities of coaching.

Andy Hite’s Best Small Business Tip:

Andy suggests that for small business owners looking to enhance their growth, seeking help from a professional coach can be instrumental. He recommends asking two crucial questions:

  1. What am I good at? Soak it in and celebrate it.
  • Acknowledge and appreciate your strengths and accomplishments.
  • Celebrate your successes to build confidence and motivation.
  1. Where should I look to grow? And then work on it.
    • Identify areas with potential for improvement and expansion.
    • Focus on developing skills or aspects of your business that contribute to overall growth.
    • Actively work on areas identified for growth to enhance business development.

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