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Success Uncovered: The Key to Achieving Your Goals

As the founder of more than a dozen companies, over three decades of entrepreneurial experience, and with 10+ years coaching businesses, Gary Wilbers is an expert businessman. His primary focus is on helping small business owners achieve success and balance in business and in life through his own peer advisory groups.

Gary is a founder, speaker, author, trainer, and coach. His profound familiarity with the daily challenges that small business owners face has instilled in him the belief that everyone is able to reach their full potential. This mantra led him to establish The Ascend Mastermind, a peer advisory group, where small business owners can connect with like-minded individuals, share their struggles and hold each other accountable in order to achieve growth and freedom in their lives.

Gary is also an accomplished author, with several best-sellers, including “The High Achiever Leadership Formula,” “21 Ways to Attract, Retain & Engage Millennials,” “Positive Culture Wins,” and “Cultivate Positive Culture.”

What business problem do you solve? 

In today’s episode, Gary addresses the common challenge of effectively setting and achieving goals, particularly in the context of preparing for success in the upcoming year.

Small Business Answer Man Show Notes:

  • Gary Wilbers kicks off the Small Business Answer Man podcast, emphasizing the significance of setting goals in December to pave the way for success in the upcoming year.
  • He shares a compelling story from 1998, highlighting his achievement of a three-year goal to own his corporate and retail location within eleven months, showcasing the power of strategic planning and action.
  • Gary further delves into the analogy that goals act as headlights, providing direction and clarity in your journey. He stresses the role of goals in offering focus, accountability, and growth, referencing Charles Chua’s insights on the perils of lacking clear objectives.
  • Later, he introduces Achiever Loop, a five-step process tailored for high achievers. This process involves visualizing the desired self, taking actionable steps, cultivating habits and behaviors, celebrating milestones, and framing goals in the SMARTER framework.
  • In addition to this, Gary begins by sharing his weight-loss journey and associates it with the concept of the SMARTER framework by Michael Hyatt, where goals should be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Risky, Time-bound, Exciting, and Relevant. This framework aims to enhance the effectiveness of goal-setting.
  • He also discusses seven key secrets for goal achievement, including the importance of visualization, writing goals down, making SMARTER goals, establishing a compelling “why,” identifying action steps and habits, celebrating milestones, and rewarding oneself.
  • Gary introduces a downloadable tool called the Yearly Target, designed to assist individuals in setting yearly goals with quarterly milestones and self-assessment to track progress.
  • He shares insights on overcoming resistance to change, referencing Rick Goodens’ perspective that people resist change when focusing on losses rather than gains, emphasizing the need to anticipate and navigate various challenges.
  • Gary discusses the three types of pain associated with change—Loss pain, Process pain, and Outcome pain—underscoring the necessity of pushing through these challenges to achieve behavior change successfully.
  • Find the Downloads to Achieve Your Goals in 2024 HERE

Gary Wilbers’ Best Small Business Tip: 

He underscores the significance of accountability by recommending individuals get an accountability partner, whether a coach, a friend, or participation in a group class. This may help to stay on track and stay focused towards your goal.

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