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Ep: 318 Aaron Marcum

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Positive Psychology of Entrepreneurship

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Aaron Marcum holds a Master’s in Positive Psychology from UPenn under Dr. Martin Seligman. With two decades of business scaling experience, he’s an award-winning leader and speaker empowering entrepreneurs. Aaron has just recently launched his book, “EntreThrive,” today. I can’t believe we were able to get him on the podcast but we are excited he made time for us.

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What problem do you solve?

In today’s episode, Aaron Markham shares insights into the importance of positive psychology for entrepreneurs, highlighting its proactive approach to helping individuals thrive amidst uncertainties.

Small Business Answer Man Shownotes:

  • Gary mentions Aaron’s recent book launch, “Entra Thrive Today,” underscoring its relevance to the discussion. 
  • Aaron delves into the concept of positive psychology and its significance for entrepreneurs. 
  • Aaron explains positive psychology as the science of well-being, emphasizing its proactive approach to helping individuals.  
  • He discussed the six entrepreneurship aspects discussed his book: 
    • EntreClarity
    • EntreGrit
    • EntreConnections
    • EntreFaith
    • EntreHabits
    • EntreVigor

  • He further discusses the concept of “EntreClarity,” indicating his keenness to explore this foundational aspect of his book. 
  • Aaron elaborates on the importance of establishing guiding truths and gaining self-awareness. 
  • According to Aaron, acceptance to achieve clarity in personal and professional life aligns with understanding practical strategies for personal and professional growth. 
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Aaron Marcum’s Small Business Tip:

Aaron advises taking gradual steps toward success. He says that, by starting with small actions and building momentum, entrepreneurs can avoid feeling overwhelmed and steadily progress toward their goals.

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