Small Business Answer Man | Ep# 321 | Brian Will | Scaling Your Business and Overcoming Obstacles

Ep: 321 Brian Will

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Scaling Your Business and Overcoming Obstacles

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Brian Will is a seasoned entrepreneur, bestselling author, and sales expert with over 35 years of experience. He’s created seven highly successful companies worth over half a billion dollars at their peak. Today, Brian owns thriving ventures in restaurants, insurance, technology, and real estate.

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What business problem do you solve?

In this episode, Gary and Brian discuss the significance of active listening and connective response in sales, along with the importance of explaining product benefits to overcome objections.

Small Business Answer Man Shownotes:

  • Gary emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals for your business and reverse engineering them to create a path to success. 
  • Brian highlights the need for entrepreneurs to understand why customers should buy their products and why they should buy from them. 
  • Brian shares insights from his book, “The Dropout Millionaire,” focusing on the psychological aspects of building and running a business. 
  • Gary stresses the value of understanding your weaknesses as a business owner and bringing in people who can complement those weaknesses. 
  • Brian talks about the importance of having a board of directors or a personal coach, even for successful entrepreneurs like Tim Cook of Apple. 
  • Gary emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to have a clear plan for their business.
  • Brian discusses the importance of delegation in scaling a business and the role of soft skills in entrepreneurship. 
  • Gary and Brian talk about the common mistakes entrepreneurs make in sales and how to overcome them. 
  • Brian explains his coaching assessment process, which helps entrepreneurs understand their business’s current state and plan for future growth.

Brian Will’s Small Business Tip:

Understand why customers should buy your product and why they should buy from you. Use active listening and connective responses in sales to overcome objections. Delegate tasks according to your weaknesses to scale your business effectively. 

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