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Ep: 323 Jon Bassford

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Enhancing Business Efficiency with Jon Bassford

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Jon Bassford is the Founder and CEO of Lateral Solutions, an operations management company specializing in launching and managing internal operations for startups, small businesses, and nonprofits. Jon is a visionary entrepreneur and operations professional who thrives on creating and driving change.

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What do you problem do you solve?

In this episode, Gary Wilbers and John Basford dive into the critical issue facing many small business owners: the overwhelming burden of day-to-day operations. 

Small Business Answer Man’s Shownotes:

  • The podcast starts by introducing Jon Bassford, an expert in operations management, focusing on helping startups, small businesses, and nonprofits optimize their internal operations. 
  • The conversation delves into the importance of efficient internal operations in accelerating small business growth. 
  • Jon discusses his background in operational roles and consulting, emphasizing the challenges small business owners face in managing day-to-day tasks. 
  • He highlights three key areas of service: recruitment of operational staff, coaching and mastermind programs, and assessment to identify areas for improvement. 
  • John emphasizes problem-solving skills and resource management as crucial for operational roles. 
  • He discusses the importance of documenting processes systematically to ensure continuity and scalability. 
  • Gary and Jon explore the significance of analytics in optimizing workflows and driving business growth. 
  • Jon underscores the value of lead indicators and forward-thinking approaches enabled by data-driven decisions. 

Jon Bassford’s Small Business Tip:

Jon encourages business owners to invest in operational roles to shift focus from tactical work to strategic growth. He emphasizes the foundational role of efficient operations in scaling businesses and achieving long-term success. 

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