Small Business Answer Man | Ep: 324 | Henry Mclntosh | Unlocking Business Growth Through Partnership Marketing

Ep: 324 Henry McIntosh

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Unlocking Business Growth Through Partnership Marketing

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Today we’re talking to Henry McIntosh, the founder of Twenty One Twelve Marketing, a partnership marketing agency otherwise known as the commercial collaborations agency and GLOW Festivals – an apres ski music festival with absolutely no snow in sight.

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Today’s episode discussion revolved around unlocking business growth through partnership marketing. Our guest, Henry McIntosh, founder of Marketing and Glow Festivals, shares insights and strategies for leveraging partnerships to drive lead generation and propel your business forward. 

Small Business Answer Man’s Shownotes:

  • Partnership marketing involves collaborating with complementary but non-competitive businesses to achieve mutual goals. 
  • Three key approaches: value exchange, sponsored collaborations, and incentivized collaborations. 
  • Henry shares the story behind Glow Festivals, an apres-ski music festival born out of COVID restrictions. 
  • Despite the absence of snow, the festival leverages partnership marketing to create a unique experience for attendees. 
  • Precision marketing emphasizes targeted and focused strategies tailored to specific audiences. 
  • Henry highlights the importance of going deeper rather than wider to maximize impact. 
  • Henry advises established businesses to focus on scalability and predictability in their marketing efforts. 
  • Henry discusses the transition to remote work during COVID-19 and the communication challenges it presents. 
  • Remote work offers benefits such as access to a broader talent pool but requires intentional communication and robust processes. 
  • Henry emphasizes the need for small business owners to maintain authenticity and creativity amidst technological advancements. 

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