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People + Performance = Profits

Entertaining, energetic, and an educational speaker that explodes onto the stage to deliver a message that  inspires. Every audience leaves with the incentive to take action.

Gary leaves his audiences with a positive culture that we are all leaders. Through each keynote Gary explains how CHARGE can be used to develop a High Achiever Mindset in business and in life.  Every audience member will experience the beginning of a paradigm shift from just living life to achieving at life. 

Gary’s programs are simple to understand yet profoundly effective in training the high achiever to create new habits that lead to lifelong disciplines.  The positive culture blueprint allows us to be more, give more, and achieve more in a lifetime.

Gary Wilbers, Author, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and Certified High Performance Coach

Gary’s Programs Help You:

  • Be the leader in your life
  • Create the Energy needed each day
  • Understand Choices create our outcomes
  • Realize we are a Giver and Taker in Relationships
  • Be a Positive Influence in our words and actions
  • Achieve Great Results through Habits and Disciplines
  • CHARGE (Create Habits Around Real Goals Everyday)

Yes, all of Gary’s keynotes are tailored to your audience.  

Yes, Gary will customize a program just for you! 

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Yes, most of Gary’s programs can be presented as a keynote, breakout or ½ day or full day workshop or training.

Gary's Keynotes



Pairing talent to a positive culture creates attraction, leads to retention, and increases engagement. Talent assets will cling to this climate. Business performance, and the bottom line will go higher and higher. Simply using Positive Culture Wins in any organization gives an unfair advantage in employee engagement, increased productivity, and financial success overall. Your business is the new innovator and disruptor. 


You will leave learning how to:

  • Change your paradigm from Stuck to a Climber Mindset
  • Lead your people through change to increase performance 
  • Connect with relationships to improve the culture
  • Boost your productivity to become a high performer
  • Create a positive influence in others 
  • Integrate new habits and disciplines into action
  • Achieve greater results where everyone profits personally, professionally, and financially
Motivational Keynote Speaker and Trainer, Gary Wilbers



Our brain has over 60,000 thoughts per day with 80% of them being negative.  Finding a way out of the mundane challenges of day to day life can be as exhausting as running a marathon. So why do either? In this address, that everyone needs to hear, Gary shares the four practices you can start today to live a “CHARGE” life. In the course of a speech every life can be transformed from one that’s surviving to one that is thriving.


  • Change your language from being reactive to proactive 
  • Create energy to motivate you to achieve great results
  • Boost your productivity in life
  • Connect with relationships to make greater impact each day
  • Be the positive influence to inspire others positively
  • Start positive habits and disciplines to propel you to your goals
  • Inspire “CHARGE” in your life each day 
  • Achieve great results professionally and personally



The culture of the modern schools in America are in distress.  The horrific trends of violence and despair that proliferate the student community make it evident a change needs to occur.  Build a positive culture by being an inspiring educator rather than a subject bound teacher.  

Change from the traditional scholastic feel of teaching to an inclusive educational environment.  Bring harmony into and throughout your school with a revolutionary new way to interact. It’s a giant step at improving everything from communication to collaboration.


  • Change your mindset as an educator
  • Introduce positive energy to engage and immerse students
  • Create relationships that will Inspire your students for a lifetime
  • Inspire your students through your influence positively
  • Enhance your engagement through integrating changes to your purpose and mission
  • Improve the school’s positive culture to get great results daily

Success Stories

  • “Gary presented a motivational speech to a group of young loan officers from Veterans United Home Loans. The feedback and positivity we received was incredible, with employees saying they wish the speech would have been longer. We look forward to having Gary back in the near future!”

    Tiana Pagliai
    Veteran United Home Loans
  • “Gary’s energy and passion for living an intention-filled, goal-driven life is infectious. His strategies and charisma will make you wish you had given yourself the gift of a few hours to reboot, and re-CHARGE with him years ago!”

    Andy Stuckenschneider
  • “I especially enjoyed the way he was able to integrate all of the important parts of life; professional life, family life, your faith and how they all come together to work as one Positive Influence for not only yourself but all of the lives that you touch every single day.”

    Debra Walker


  • Opening or Closing Motivational Keynote Speaker
  • Breakout Sessions and Workshop Trainings
  • Association Conferences and Conventions
  • Sales Meetings
  • Christian Conferences and Events
  • All-Employee Team Meetings
  • Executive Retreats
  • Leadership Team Meetings
  • Training Events
  • Business Conferences and Events
  • Banquet Speaker
  • Multi-Day Event Tours

Short description of Gary

Entertaining, energetic, and an educational speaker that explodes onto the stage to deliver a message that  inspires. Every audience leaves with the incentive to take action. Let’s CHARGE (Create Habits Around Real Goals Everyday) to create your positive culture that wins in business and life.

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